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The best classroom is life (today) – Shenzhen Channel – People’s network-diying

The best classroom is life (today) – Shenzhen Channel – People’s network, "1 in the morning to learn English, learn to draw in the afternoon; the morning of the 2 supplement composition, afternoon math supplement……" For many children, "national day seven days" has become a "national day seven days". This "good Golden Week", make them miserable. "School — education cannot cope with the pressure of examination." In addition to this child, many parents give their children become "common reason kaixiaozao". But beyond the capacity of the child, the more "nutrition" can only be a burden. Education in another way, there may be unexpected harvest. A Sichuan father with a 5 year old son in the motherland "tour", let the children hone man character in the desert, river sunset, the growth of knowledge, understanding history; a Zhejiang mother insisted on doing the ancient breakfast for her daughter, the original monotonous breakfast time into the poetic class. Based on the personal experience of life experience, based on the emotional interaction of interactive learning, so that education has become more interesting and effective. The best classroom is life, the best education is to accompany. Lu Xun once said: "education is rooted in love." Some parents have a sense of participation in the company, less pressure to instill in order to allow the children to grow, bloom. (Zhang Fan) "people’s Daily" (07 October 2016 01 Edition) (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: