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The Beijing University bed East a year rent near dormitory fee ten times in the new network-imjpmig

The Beijing University "bed East": a year rent near dormitory fee ten times – Beijing in a school dormitory rent on a bed, safe and convenient, not to mention is far lower than the surrounding houses rent. A proper price to attract a lot of postgraduate internship, school personnel. Students who do not need to live in the dormitory will be leased out their own beds, deduct the income from the hostel is also considerable. Recently, this seemingly "win-win" business opportunities in Beijing continued popular universities, but there are also a problem worth discussing. Steal rent dormitory dorm check upstairs really do?" Last summer, the end of the development of the two course Xie found a Beijing network company internship. Different than the other interns fortunately, Xie does not need to consider how to find the place in the capital of the land. From Wuhan to Beijing, he was in Beijing, a science and engineering college to read Bo’s cousin into the graduate dormitory. Four small live, one of the students is the people of Beijing, has been married and have children, usually do not live in the school. "When I moved in, there was a thick layer of dust on his desk." In addition to beds, campus card of Beijing students also lent xie. With this card, in the dining hall to the bathroom, washing and so on will smoothly, and very low cost. With the small cousin of this relationship, the other month only "symbolic" he charged the cost of 500 yuan. In the small view, is really wanted to live in the dormitory. Internship company is located in the North Fourth Ring, from the northwest Sanhuan school is very convenient. More importantly, if their own rent, according to the surrounding market, even a bedroom monthly rent of two thousand or three thousand yuan. Coupled with meals, utilities, to take a meager internship wages of students simply can not afford. Of course, stealing rent the hostel there are risks. School foreign school staff in fact is prohibited, the words will be immediately rushed out." Xie said, originally want to put him into my cousin a better doctor floor, but Dr. dorm very few students, "God", everyone knows that the risk is too big. More than a dozen people in a dormitory, relatively safe, but still need skills when entering and leaving. "The expression must be indifferent, wearing also too far to the students a little." Even so, Xie was also asked a dorm, he pretended to forget to take the card, and calm to dorm upstairs with him please. "The dorm said" forget it, "I was worried that if he really told me to examine how to do ah." Select bed guests at least have to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, office workers are not favored by the benefits of renting a school dormitory is self-evident, a lot of demand has spawned a related business opportunities". Search the forums, Ganji, 58 city website, "dormitory beds rental information, covering a superb collection of beautiful things" Beijing many well-known colleges and universities. At present, Beijing university dormitory fee of about 700 yuan a year to 1600 yuan, according to the dormitory conditions, one bedroom monthly rent in five hundred to 1000 yuan a month early, a year down is six thousand to 10 thousand yuan, ten times in the dormitory. The school is not high to the living needs of the students, secretly "flippers" Jing相关的主题文章: