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UnCategorized The game of golf is not only physically but also mentally challenging. It is a strategic game that has many fans around the world. Golf is played by hitting a golf ball using golf clubs on an area called the teeing ground. Once the ball has been hit, it will travel along fairways and into the next prepared area, where a hole is found. This prepared area is known as the putting green. Simply put, the target of the game is of course to put the ball into the hole in as few hits as possible. This means that a golfer has to .plete the hole by hitting the golf ball from the teeing ground into the hole in the putting green using the golf club in as little strokes as possible. A round of golf usually means a play of 18 holes. There are two basically two kinds of play in golf. In the match play, the winner is determined according to the number of holes lost and won. In the other kind of play, which is the stroke play, the winner is the golfer who uses the least number of strokes to .plete a round. In playing the game, there are two very fundamental rules to adhere to: Play the course as you find it; and play the ball as it is found. Should the rules above be difficult for you to follow, keep in mind that you should at least play fair at all times. How do you determine what is fair and what is not? Read on and find out some rules which will give you a greater understanding on how to be a fair player in playing golf. Basic Golf Courtesy Do not stand, move or talk too close to a golfer who is about to make a stroke. Play without any delay. Leave as soon as the other members in your group leave. Try your best to play when everyone in your group is already out of the way. Try to replace the divots as much as you can. And if you have walked into a bunker, don’t forget to smooth out all your footprints. It is not advisable for you to drop your golf clubs on the putting green, so avoid it at all cost. Rules to Playing Golf Before you start on your round of golf, take some time to read the local rules which are stated on the scorecard that you hold. After reading the rules, it is a good idea for you to mark which golf ball you will be using, which will make it easier for you to identify it. Several golfers may be suing the same brand of golf balls as you, In this case, it would be easy to see which golf ball belongs to you. Before you start, make sure you have counted your golf clubs. You are allowed a maximum of fourteen golf clubs. When beginning the actual play, make sure you tee off in front of your tee markers. Should your tee off be a little bit off, or outside of the area specified, you may be asked to repeat your stroke. If this happens in a match play, then you are lucky as there will be no penalty for you. However, if this happens in a stroke play, then you are given a two-stroke penalty. That is why it is important for you to tee off in the specified area. When you are playing, should your ball lie in a water hazard or a bunker, remember not to hit or touch the water or bunker in any way before you do your downswing. The ball should never be spooned or pushed: it should always be struck fairly. It is all right if you want to mark the ball that you are using. You could also clean your ball: just lift it, clean and put it back exactly where it was previously. In the case of dropping a ball, the best way to do so would be to stand straight and to hold your golf ball at the length of your shoulder, and to drop it gently. Should you, in dropping the ball, happen to strike another player, the caddie or even yourself, you must drop the ball again. This is done with no penalty. It would also be all right for you to pick up your ball if by doing so you would assist another player. On the other hand, you may also lift any other ball if that ball is interfering with your playing or another player. By remembering the basic rules of golf as well as the basic .mon courtesies of playing golf fairly, you will make the game more enjoyable for you and others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: