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The bad habits that people hate in the road, you are not the case – Sohu-segotep

Those bad habits in driving the people hate, you are not like this – Sohu car with more and more vehicles on the road, there are many people hate driving behavior, often impact us as a civilized people of the bottom line, the slightest mistake will be tempted to rage, let Xiaobian to count you hated those bad behavior. The line is the line spree in the driving process, very common behavior. But some drivers, and when not playing signal lights, speed is also very fast. For such reckless behavior, the driver in the rear if too late to respond, it is likely to cause a traffic accident. If the vehicle is not in line, temporarily, will block the driveway on the side, let the next lane also appeared congestion phenomenon, resulting in a large area of traffic congestion. Correct approach: the driver to observe the rear car distance, and speed, while turning on the lights to remind the rear attention, and then quickly completed the merger action. If it is really jams, also can roll down the window and waved to the other driver, motioned you first into its lane, It’s only human., also will understand each other in most cases. It’s safer and more polite than you’re forced into the driveway. The speed of the captain of the turtle like "turtle speed captain," this type of people should be divided into two categories: what is the initiative of "active"? For example, just get a driver’s license novice driver, because just learn to drive, driving technology is also slightly unfamiliar, driving a little slower is understandable. But you can not take a long time to take the fast lane, so that the rear of the vehicle to the rear of you often have to change lanes to overtake, this not only increases the risk of others, but also increase their risk. The correct approach: try to open in the right lane, so that overtaking vehicles can pass through the left lane. And in the rear of the vehicle suspension "practice" and other words, indicating other vehicles, not too close to their own, so as not to cause accidents. Passive type "passive" refers to what? Mobile party, road blindness are listed in the. These people have clearly been able to drive the vehicle, but because the driver is still playing with the phone or not familiar with the local road, often will be the vehicle speed down, the vehicle will take the S route. Catch the rear vehicle. What is more, when waiting for a red light, playing with the phone, when the rear vehicle horn to remind the green light, suddenly a foot throttle, the vehicle quickly ran out, hit the road before the pedestrian crossing. The right approach: drive with mobile phone, harm to others. If, in the event of an emergency or road do not know. Can the car driving to the other does not affect the normal running of the vehicle to the side of the road, open the double jump lights, and other things done or are looking for clear road then drove back down the road, remember not to play with mobile phone in driving, distracted or do other things. The party is parabolic as the name suggests, while driving to the car, throwing debris, and even a mouthful of sputum. Now some of the moral qualities of the extremely poor people, but also to a number of kittens, puppies to be abandoned directly on the highway, the impact is extremely bad. If you do not want to continue to raise small pets相关的主题文章: