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The baby mouth water stop, turn out to be a mother’s bestie pinch! Sohu – www.66bobo.com

The baby mouth water stop, turn out to be a mother’s bestie pinch! Sohu – Ding maternal mother is very upset, last week friends came home 5 months, Ding Ding, holding the baby and pro pinch, especially to see the baby face is soft and tender, pinch several tease him play. Three days later, she began to flow up along the mouth to slobber, slobber face neck, where the results of these long red itchy rash, uncomfortable and even the baby skin is scratched, and asked to know the original a few days before the baby was pinched face a relationship. Your face feels tender, feel particularly good, a lot of people would love baby little face, teasing him, actually do so is likely to bring harm to the baby. 1 may cause the baby too much saliva. The baby’s delicate facial skin fragile, cheek distribution of parotid gland and parotid duct in the parotid gland, oral development is not perfect, if the control is not good when the baby face pinch strength, too strong kneading process will tear, squeeze into the parotid gland, resulting in parotid gland tissue injured in the pull, may cause damage or mumps. Parotid gland tissue leads to excessive secretion of slobber. Another baby toot cheeks beneath a layer of buccal fat pad, coordination palate, cheeks, lips and tongue, strong kneading may make the buccal fat pad injury, will also increase the baby slobber. 2 cause skin disease. Pinch face is likely to aggravate the baby slobber, slobber hypersecretion if not timely wipe, digestive acid in saliva will corrode the skin cuticle, the baby will be redness of the skin rash, dermatitis, etc.. 3 affect facial development. Your baby’s bones is still relatively fragile, often through force or kneading kneading assembly affect the normal development of the face to both sides of maxillary asymmetry, caused by the size of the face, the face of the crooked. Your face is lovely, but it is fragile, so parents should pay attention to, do not arbitrarily kneading, kiss, pay attention to control efforts, but also to remind friends more attention, don’t let love hurt the baby. Pictures from the network to provide quality medical doctors Dudu online health services for the incubation period of family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment, 0~3 years old baby related health open class, can also turn a key three doctor telephone, let pregnant and parenting more simple. Welcome to add group 490752568, and more treasure mom exchange相关的主题文章: