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The 2016 World Cup finals on the eve of the British equestrian riders qualifying game – Beauty Beiji-steam_api.dll

The 2016 World Cup finals on the eve of the British equestrian riders qualifying game – Beauty Beijing, Beijing, Beijing in October 7, yesterday afternoon, 2016 Longines International Equestrian Federation (FEI) World Cup jumping – China League finals start the third day in Chaoyang Park in Beijing for. Beautiful British rider Lara Renwick won success? In a World Cup qualifying match to win the Champions League. World Cup qualifier: 6 matches girl rider to win the Champions League Highlights World Cup qualifying in 4 p.m. time started, competition results will determine the order of appearance on the 7 day of the World Cup finals, but the rider and horse a good chance to warm up and running. A righteous Huace ride horses "SHE" S THE ONE "first appeared on the zero penalty to finish the race, made a good start for the entire game. The 2015 World Cup equestrian champion Zhao Zhiwen also offered a classic riding rhythm to control well-proportioned processing, just perfect corner, in the audience of the amazing sound zero penalty to finish the race. Then all the young Meng and German rider Henry Vasco riding horse? "Bloofield s" were refreshed the best results. But the final victory belongs to Lara Renwick, Lara and her partner? "Cinetto 2" jointly debut race out of the best, success won, Henry? Vasco and Mongolia won two or three threats. 130-140CM club team award 130-140CM Club groups and individual competition – the first round of club groups and individual competition in addition to decide the individual winners, but also the overall score according to their respective groups. The game, the first few players have appeared some mistakes. Until Zheng Wenjie broke the deadlock, with 67.47s zero penalty points to complete the game, continued good condition. After the appearance of Henry gas division to 5 seconds of a huge advantage over the performance of Zheng Wenjie. The second half of the game, the players have played a good play, especially the stars of the club can be adjusted by virtue of the stability of the play, at the last moment against Zheng Wenjie to get the first runner up in the field. Eventually Henry Vasco won the championship, Zheng Wenjie won the runner up. Club level, a huge advantage by virtue of Inner Mongolia team total penalty 0 successful title, Steven Meng Quanwei, Wang Yunjing and Zhang Ruijun zero penalty to finish the race, perfect performance. The star and the capital transfer Liang Ma Hui won the competition of group two or three. 120-130CM speed and skills champion Zheng Wenjie 120-130CM speed and skills: speed challenge speed and passion is the highlight of the tournament, the game with the speed of time for the standard, no barrier penalty, a penalty is knocked out 4 seconds. Speed and skill in the game, the only fast break. Second appearance Vaske Henry riding horse "Charilu" in the game very confident and elegant, the riding process is very smooth, finally get the good results of 60.17s. Zhao Zhiwen and the eighth appearances of the horse, "Chelsea" almost completed beyond,相关的主题文章: