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The 12 richest people in Zhejiang! The first is who you guess puritans pride

The 12 richest people in Zhejiang! The first is who you guess two days ago, this year’s Hurun released. Wang Jianlin 215 billion wealth to become the richest man in China for the third time. Big dark horse Yao Zhenhua 115 billion into the top five list. It’s worth noting that the Hurun rich list, the top 10 in two in Hangzhou. One is the wealth of 205 billion, ranking in the top second. Another wealth value 112 billion, ranked in the top fifth. What is this concept? If there are 100 billion yuan, if the number of minutes 100 dollars, not to eat or drink, a total of about 695 to the number of days… And… In the Hurun Report top 100 in Zhejiang, a total of 12 billionaires on the list, including Hangzhou 8, Ningbo two, Wenzhou, Jinhua each one. The top one hundred of Zhejiang’s top twelve tycoons, these rich people figure, let me help you grab a steak! TOP12 Xu Guanju ranking: eighty-ninth of the national wealth: 22 billion 500 million yuan main headquarters: Hangzhou Transfar Group Xu Guanju, chairman of Transfar Group Co. ltd.. He is considered to be the representative of zhejiang. He founded the Transfar Group is "China top 500 enterprises", "Chinese 500 private enterprises", "China top 500 most valuable brands" enterprises. TOP 11 Li Shuirong: eighty-ninth national wealth ranking: 22 billion 500 million yuan main headquarters: Zhejiang Rongsheng holding group Hangzhou Li Shuirong, senior economist, the incumbent chairman of Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group Co., Ltd., Rongsheng chairman Formosa Petrochemical Co. At present, Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group Co., the company has formed a petrochemical, polyester, spinning and texturing in industry, coal chemical industry, real estate, trade, logistics, etc. the thermoelectric industry relatively complete industrial chain. Group ranks the forefront of the national industry. TOP 10 Qicheng Wang and his wife Wu Yan, ranked seventy-fifth: National Wealth: 24 billion 500 million yuan main headquarters: handing you Yu Hangzhou Internet Wang Qicheng, served as president of the Polytron Technologies Inc handing information. He is known as the intelligent information industry, the dark horse, is a typical representative of the 80 students entrepreneurship. Wu Yan, the incumbent chairman, handing shares Yu chairman of the media. 2015, Wu Yan to $860 million to get the top ten young and rich in Asia, the top seventh. Handing shares is the industry’s leading smart city comprehensive service provider, has been named the national ten IT service providers, system integrators and other ten national honorary title. TOP 9 ranking: seventy-third bear continued strong national wealth: 25 billion yuan main headquarters: Ningbo Silver billion group: the bear continued strong senior economist, Ningbo Silver billion Group founder, chairman and chief executive of Ningbo Silver billion group. Since the Create Company since, after more than and 10 years of struggle, the rapid rise of the company, currently has more than and 20 subsidiaries, the total assets of more than 10 billion yuan, annual profits of more than one billion yuan. TOP 8 Ma Jianrong family ranking: the nation’s top seventy-first fortune: the headquarters of the major companies of $25 billion 500 million: Shen Chau International Group, Ningbo Ma, chairman of Shanghai International Group Holding Co., Ltd. (). The company is one of the largest textile producers in China, Ma Jianrong.相关的主题文章: