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The 11 film big 3 autumn files get together but poor reputation – leading the box office Beijing mide-031

The 11 film "big 3" autumn files get together but poor reputation Beijing – in the West leading the box office is not Sun Wukong, but he is still the six ear macaque, the monk’s father; he in order to defeat the six ear macaque, asked sister eat myself; "and spring thirty Niang is actually a pair…… "Westward journey 3" even if the area has been Tucao, the box office is still all the way to 200 million yuan, the total box office leader of the Mid Autumn Festival this year. In contrast, released in the same period "is" excellent reputation hunt "in July and she" were not billions of dollars at the box office…… Reporter Yuan Yuner in September 14th, "2" anti-corruption storm "in July and she" and the "westward journey 3" "Xing also"; September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, "my war" and "love" crab Hou "" McDull "meal? Treasure Raiders" father and son "is" king of the beasts "of the dragon a dog called" Prince "; September 16th," strikes "…… The Mid Autumn Festival has just been a small film to release a small climax. 11 domestic films, not only the number of enough, but also covers the comedy, crime, animation, war, sports and other types. Such a lively row piece, supposedly can arouse the audience’s enthusiasm, however, the current situation at the box office, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival is not optimistic. September 14th to 16, the national film box office was $473 million, while last year’s mid autumn stalls at the box office reached 822 million yuan. Of course, the mid autumn festival film market stalls last year, mainly due to a movie "Hong Kong?", it in a total of three days at the box office, a small holiday amounting to 685 million yuan, the other 6 films released in the same period to catch up. The market situation is good, many movies are shown at the same time, the box office will stimulate the icing on the cake; when the market situation is not good, many films children get together, after a fierce battle at the box office, who may have not is the big winner. "This year’s market cake is so big, the release of the new film more, each film will be less. Competition makes a single movie box office is not very high." Huaxing International Cinema Manager Liu Hui. The "Westward Journey" 3 "and also" hunt "in July and she" is the Mid Autumn Festival this year, file the highest degree of concern of the three films. 20 years ago the "Westward Journey" has left a deep impression on the audience, "westward journey 3" though Jeffrey Lau screenwriter and director, but make up the plot, stiff and clumsy performance and old-fashioned embarrassing joke, the majority of fans are identified as a "destroy the feelings of the flop. Last year the dedication of "sun burning heart" Cao Baoping, this time to "hunt plus some comedy elements also", the depth may be before, but P plot and actor solid performances, which is still a quite aspect of the work. "In July and still" baby Anne adapted from the novel of the same name, description of the female friendship and moving, drama, performing are breaking the previous youth film. From the film quality, "and also" hunt "in July and she" up to the "westward journey 3" many. However, at the box office, "westward journey 3" is to score 200 million yuan less than 70 million yuan, far exceeding the "murderer" and also less than 60 million yuan in July and still ""..相关的主题文章: