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Tesla solar roof will inevitably lead to strong demand cosmax

Tesla "solar roofs" will lead to "strong demand" Tencent Automobile News Beijing on October 13th news, according to foreign media reports, SolarCity company CEO Lyndon · reif (Lyndon Rive) recently said, this week SolarCity will be to predict their next year’s "clear growth", because of SolarCity’s new products will listed. At the end of this month, the company and Tesla Motors jointly held a press conference for new products. Automotive information website electrek had previously reported that Tesla and SolarCity co integration of the three products will be released in October 28th. These three products include: solar roof, Tesla storage facility Power wall 2, and Tesla charger. The release of these three products is very important for the overall development of the new company. The outside world has learned that before the release of new products, Tesla and SolarCity mergers and acquisitions can not make substantial progress. The merger of the two companies will be decided by shareholders in November 17th. After the completion of the merger, Tesla may be phased out SolarCity brand. And will be their own Tesla trademark sales of solar products. When the first mention of the new "solar roofs", Tesla CEO eilon · musk has said that this product will allow Tesla SolarCity to differentiate their products and services in the solar market, while SolarCity CEO Lyndon · reif in this week to the Business Insider website reiterated this idea: "I think that next year and we will separate out the independent solar energy company, and began to provide their products to the market. Consumers may not care about the products they buy from different companies, because they believe that all the services provided by the company are the best. So we need to differentiate and differentiate products from different companies." In the United States, the installation of new solar panels next year about 5 million sets, the need to replace a roof of the family, generally reluctant to install solar panels. Because the replacement of the roof before the need to remove the solar panels, very time-consuming. But when the solar panels are integrated on the roof, there will be no such trouble. And there is no reason to refuse to use solar power roof. This is why Lyndon · increase sales forecast for next year ‘, and this new solar roof will also be in the end of this month listed on the official debut. Lyndon · reif said: "we will definitely increase the sales forecast in 2017. I think the solar roof that integrates energy storage devices will be in great demand. The upcoming generation of solar roofs will open up a new market we have never set foot in." Lyndon · reif said, "what you are seeing a large number of integrated solar system storage device used by users. SolarCit.相关的主题文章: