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Tencent Movie Salon audience recruitment pulse was frozen live in the summer-doat

Tencent Movie Salon audience recruitment pulse was "frozen" live summer entertainment Tencent annual 6-8 month of the summer schedule is one of the most important film market, with the previous summer box office continues to increase, causing people to discuss different, this year summer is very cold, the July national film box office total of about 4 billion 500 million yuan, than last year the summer period decreased by about 18.2%. This is the first time in recent five years, the Chinese film summer stalls negative growth. In August, in the "Tomb notes", "apostle Walker" and other films at the box office led the rebound, but the monthly 4 billion 40 million grades are still unable to save the summer of this year’s decline. In addition to the box office decline, film is the reputation of mediocrity, many people think that this summer movie is explosive, youth, romance ever popular this year has been the hardest hit tucao". What was the hot summer file? This year’s Tencent film salon invited production, publicity and theater professionals, to talk to us about this sigh summer file. Tencent film salon twentieth theme: this summer file does not work, who blame it? Time: September 3rd (Saturday) at 14:30-16:30 PM CC Cafe (Beijing Haidian District sorghum Bridge No. 59 River Bay Area No. 2 No. 108) Xizhimen subway line 2 A port to control the direction of the building and walk about 500 meters: Saddam Hussein China host film museum curator guest: Zhu Weijie free media chairman Zhao Longchen Lu Yaozhi Ma Li Ming "film producer" producer Liu Hui Beijing UME studios, deputy general manager of Tencent registration: please send Movie Salon + name + phone number + to 3377421684@qq, registration deadline: September 2nd 18:00 we will send a confirmation message at noon on September 2nd, to receive a confirmation message for. Quota is limited, come to sign up!相关的主题文章: