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Telephone fraud, there is not enough warning system-peepsamurai

Against telephone fraud, there are early warning system is not enough, Inner Mongolia public security to remind you that the number has been marked as a fraud call, please listen carefully!" September 7th, Inner Mongolia’s first telephone fraud warning system, the beginning of the scope of the Inner Mongolia China Mobile mobile phone users to provide early warning services. After the user opens the use, without the need to download and install the client, any mobile terminal can be used without threshold. Inner Mongolia related departments must point praise. Combat telephone fraud can not be achieved, but the initiative is better than passive response, early prevention is worth investigating after total. The early warning system, it may stop liar hand, Xu Yulin reduced tragedy. However, since it can clearly know what is a fraud phone, why not shield the law, or decisively sealed off? Notice, decisive sealing may be involved in all aspects of easily lead to criticism, but in the open system joint, eliminate legal barriers, timely blocked telephone fraud, is a fundamental solution to. Today, many swindlers more professional, not only with the help of advanced technology, but also to grasp the user’s detailed information, you can point to the implementation of precise fraud". Due to information asymmetry and lack of alert psychology and other reasons, some young people, the elderly are most likely to fall into the trap. The implementation of telephone fraud fraud prevention, early warning system is necessary, but not limited to a single approach, need more "multi arms" cooperative combat, full force, and annihilate it. Take the case of Xu Yuyu in Shandong as an example of how her personal situation was revealed No information leakage, she may not be reduced to "prey"; if it is not someone to pass the knife, the liar will not be so easy to succeed? Obviously, information leaks to play the role of an accomplice, they are birds of a feather and a liar, should also be punished by the law. The day before, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council executive meeting bluntly: "now some telecommunications fraud, not only can display the official number of telecommunications, banking, public security institutions and other departments in the masses on the mobile phone, but also to understand the masses with the Department of information. I’m afraid it’s not a technical problem!" Saying to like this, the relevant departments and enterprises still don’t understand? Who leaked the citizen’s personal information? Who is helping the devil make up? Technology upgrades, but also prevent the gentleman does not prevent villain. If some enterprise has profit, some master citizen information if anything will power is realized, every one of us will be in a naked state, such as the "glass". It is worth mentioning that, the Ministry said, do not rule out the basic telecom enterprises to pursue short-term economic benefits while ignoring social responsibility. In fact, it is not difficult to find through the media coverage, in reality, there are some telecom employees in the sale of stolen user information. However, the disclosure of information involving a number of areas, may also involve civil servants, courier employees, bank employees, school teachers and other groups. Regulation of such acts, is not a lack of law, the key is how to take the initiative, once found should be punished according to law. If you wait until the accident, the dead to intervene, it is too late. Guo Shengkun, Minister of public security, Shanghai in September 6th when the investigation of anti telecommunications network fraud stressed the need to take effective measures to prevent more solid, precise strike, and resolutely curb telecommunications fraud.相关的主题文章: