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Tax can increase the intensity of environmental governance? People.com.cn — Environmental Protection — the original title: tax reform can improve the intensity of environmental governance? — focusing on the environmental protection law for the first time to consider the four hot spots in Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: August 29 tax reform can improve the intensity of environmental governance? Focus on environmental protection tax law for the first time to consider the four major hot Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter environmental protection tax law draft submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for the first time on 29. With the advance of the legislative process, China’s current 18 taxes is expected to increase to 19. Experts believe that the formulation of environmental protection tax, promote environmental tax reform, to fundamentally solve the existing sewage charges system of law enforcement rigid enough and more administrative intervention, environmental taxes will become a major tool for pollution abatement, environmental governance. A hot topic: tax legal basis where? Environmental tax bill is put forward to implement the tax legal principle in the party in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and revised legislation clear requirements and made clear after the first tax draft law submitted to the NPC Standing committee. The formulation of the environmental tax law will become the model of the future tax legislation." Peking University law school professor Liu Jianwen said, reflects the legal principle of tax revenue in the form not only, also in the content, including better respect for public opinion, in the legislative process in the people, the law itself is also recognized by the taxpayer. Chinese Taxation Law Research Association vice president Xiong Wei said, after the environmental tax professional administrative organs to draft, solicit public opinions, consider the top legislature, which is in line with the conditions of tax legislation Chinese. Liu Jianwen introduction, environmental protection tax law has been brought to the first consideration, the real estate tax law into the legislative process issues of concern. "But the real estate tax than the environmental tax is complex, because the environmental tax more involved in business, does not involve the natural person, the resistance is small, the real estate tax relates to the interests of thousands of households, we are very concerned." NPC Standing Committee Legislative planning has been included in the first category of real estate tax legislation, the draft is more mature, timely consideration. Some experts also introduced some of the more stable small taxes are also expected to legislation as soon as possible, such as tobacco leaf tax, travel tax etc.. Hot two: will increase the burden on enterprises? Environmental Tax Taxable pollutants include air pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise. The taxpayer is the enterprise, the influence side also is mainly the enterprise. "This legislation is based on the principle of" tax shifting ", the current sewage charges system to the environmental tax system." Finance minister Lou Jiwei said in a statement on the draft. China since 1979 the establishment of sewage charges system, from 2003 to 2015, the total sewage charges 211 billion 599 million yuan, to pay sewage charges of enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, a total of about 5000000 households. East China, a large and medium sized steel company official told reporters that due to the environmental protection tax standards and the current standards for sewage charges are basically the same, the burden is not changed. The water resource fee, a year before the sewage fee Qibaqianwan yuan, air pollution each year to pay 20 million)相关的主题文章: