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Tank old drivers take you to roll a quagmire, to win the war! – Sohu Military Channel jinshen

Tank old drivers take you to roll a quagmire, to win the war! Sohu military channel map as "old driver" after the end to see his car on the face of complex expressions. The picture shows 5000 meters armed off-road assessment. The picture shows the situation under bad conditions. The picture shows the old driver to take you to open the tank, rolling quagmire. The picture shows the old driver to take you to open the tank, rolling quagmire. Figure for speeding army tanks. Figure for the assessment of "reload" subjects. The picture shows a temporary adjustment to prepare for the next exam. The picture shows the soldiers will soon start smiling. Track march. The picture is mud". The picture shows the old driver in the mud". Pictured hidden in the mountains of tanks. For the shooting. The picture shows the old driver". Railway transportation. Railway transportation situation. The picture is through the mire. Track consignment. The graph is issued an order. The picture is rapidly through the mire. The picture shows Lin Dehua, the head of the army, checks the fixed condition of each vehicle. Battlefield mobilization. Battlefield maneuver. Under the command of the tablet. Pictured under the command of the railway flat. The picture is equipped with equipment. Figure for sandbox. The news: October in East Anhui, it rains. Army twelfth army armored brigade tank unit thousands of miles of a mountain forest, the whole process, the formation of an integrated system to test the actual combat capability of the armed forces, in the smoke of gunpowder and closer to the actual combat distance. The "battlefield" for the examination, a really difficult to set up environmental assessment, assessment rules, college entrance examination standards, real combat "absolute value", to become the battle index score. The brigade "Zhu De meritorious tank" battalion "in the eastern theater army organization establishment camp contest the assessment, the whole system is pulled into the wild strange places, in strict accordance with the operation of a process" organization live ammunition through assessment, high difficulty, high intensity and long distance combat assessment to form the free drainage and test the level of combat training troops, soldiers temper brave and tenacious fighting style. Open that war, accept the order, they organized plate loading, railway transportation. Full of mounted to a training base in Dongshan District of Anhui choukao on the same day, in a specified time to enter the designated examination field. Just off the plane on the battlefield, billowing smoke on the designated track track 20 km on the rise, the roar of the tank motor echoed in the air for a long time…… Continuous rain, narrow mountain road after rain erosion, more muddy, slippery, soft, originally like a maze of Anhui Dongshan District, the road a little inattentive will lose the marching direction deviates from a predetermined route. Tank old drivers experienced have brought hundreds of times spirit, a fast maneuver and a difficult road war fighting risks. "Channeling –" a pool of muddy water into the sky, without warning the dashuikeng did not stop the pace of the old driver…… It’s just that the sticky mud has flooded into the cab. The mud soaked them put on a yellow, arrived at the designated place, not their next eyelid mud, immediately launched a 5 km cross-country armed command skills and assessment, heavy rain, to carry equipment more and more heavy, the time is urgent, the soldiers raid to fling caution to the winds. "The body is all tired, the spirit is highly consistent, can not give up a". In.相关的主题文章: