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Summary of Euro institutional outlook in February 22nd (sub city)-win7codecs

In February 22nd the euro institutions view summary (sub city) NZGFT on the daily chart in relying on the euro dollar foot effect under the average system to run within the range on the pattern. From the hourly chart trend, the euro dollar since February 16th has been running to shock whereabouts pattern, on Friday hit a low of 1.1065 for supporting short-term oversold bounce, the days following the rebound resistance near the 1.1140 price, the breakthrough before the short-term decline unchanged. On Friday, the euro dollar investment slightly higher to 1.1140 near the end of the previous five losing streak, because the international oil price and European stock markets generally lower, stimulate the market risk aversion, stimulate the market for buying euros, but the ECB in March or further easing is expected to rise still overweight in bondage. In addition, the euro zone data is generally poor, the German January PPI monthly rate fell by 2.4% per annum, recorded in 0.7%, while the eurozone February consumer confidence index fell further to -8.8, also constitute a certain pressure on the euro. Last week, the Fed, the ECB has announced the meeting minutes of the pigeon, especially the European Central Bank in March to expand the loose couple called the foregone conclusion of the case, the euro will continue to moderate or short-term decline. Focus on the euro zone and major member countries in February PMI manufacturing and service industry initial value, as well as ECB official Law ten Schlegel speech. Technically, the daily chart shows the exchange rate remains bullish try to keep 20SMA above, top daily recorded lower, energy index fell nearly 100, indicating that the risk is still biased downward. 4 hours chart technology is very neutral, technical indicators hovering around the central line, the exchange rate hovering around the bearish 100SMA. Support: 1.1080 1.1045 1.1000 1.1160 1.1200 1.1245 resistance: Europe and the United States on Friday EURUSD Asia Strategy: short-term rebound, but is still limited to the hour average pressure, the overall trend is still not out of the shock downward trend, the technical side days expect the hour average system will continue to constitute the pressure, the exchange rate only to break up, the rebound in energy was enhanced, on the operation of short-term radical may be considered in the vicinity of hour average short, stop out of the bin can be broken. HY MARKETS: the euro dollar hourly chart overall continuation of the previous shocks down trend, or trend line break below 1.11; the 4 hour chart or biased sideways, when the above MA20 pressure; the daily has fallen below the average of 20 days, if the next break 1.1060 support will open further downside. It is recommended to light short warehouse near 1.1140, stop above 1.1180, first look at 1.1060, further 1.1000. Banda Asia on Friday the euro bottomed daily, closed up slightly, the dollar is now trading at around 1.1110. The European and American stock market weakness, crude oil prices make the market risk aversion, financing the euro has received a portion of hedge funds of all ages, is the main reason for supporting the euro rebound. But the theory of Euro

2月22日欧元机构观点汇总(亚市)   NZGFT登富特   欧元 美元日线图在均线系统的依托作用下以区间内向上格局运行。从小时图走势来看,欧元 美元从2月16日至今一直以震荡下落格局运行,上周五创出短线新低1.1065获支撑超跌反弹,日内关注1.1140价位附近的反弹阻力作用,对其突破之前短线跌势不变。   兴业投资   上周五欧元 美元略微走高至1.1140附近,结束此前五连跌,因国际油价和欧美股市普遍走低,刺激市场避险情绪升温,激发市场对欧元买盘,不过欧央行在3月或进一步加码宽松的预期始终令其升势受到束缚。此外,当日欧元区方面数据普遍不佳,德国1月PPI年率下降2.4%,月率录得0.7%,而欧元区2月消费者信心指数进一步跌至-8.8,也对欧元构成一定的压力。在上周美联储、欧央行先后公布均偏鸽的会议纪要后,特别是欧央行3月扩大宽松几称定局的情况下,短期欧元或将继续温和走低。今日关注欧元区及主要成员国2月制造业和服务业PMI初值,以及欧央行官员劳滕施莱格讲话。   技术上,日图显示汇价尝试守住依然看涨的20SMA上方,日图录得更低的顶部,动能指标转跌,接近100,表明风险仍偏下行。4小时图技术前景非常中性,技术指标徘徊于中线附近,汇价徘徊于看跌的100SMA附近。   支撑位:1.1080 1.1045 1.1000   阻力位:1.1160 1.1200 1.1245   环亚策略   欧美:上周五EURUSD短线展开反弹,但上方仍受限于小时图均线压力,其整体走势依然未能走出震荡下行态势中,技术面上日内预计其小时图均线系统将继续构成其压力位,汇价只有突破上去,其反弹动能才有所增强,操作上短线激进者亦可考虑于小时图均线附近做空,破位即可止损出仓。   HY MARKETS   欧元 美元:小时图整体延续此前震荡下跌的走势,或倾向下破1.11一线;4小时图或偏向横盘整理,当上方受MA20的打压;日图已跌至20日均线下方,若下破1.1060支持将打开进一步下行空间。日内建议在1.1140附近轻仓做空,止损设于1.1180上方,先看1.1060,进一步1.1000。   邦达亚洲   上周五欧元触底反弹,日线小幅收涨,现汇价交投于1.1110附近。欧美股市走软、原油价格回落令市场的避险情绪升温,融资欧元因此获得了部分避险资金的青睐,是支撑欧元反弹的主要原因。不过欧元的反弹受到了时段内经济数据美强欧弱的限制。此外,投资者对欧洲央行3月份施行进一步宽松举措的预期也限制了欧元的反弹空间。今日关注1.1180附近的压力情况,下方支撑在1.1050附近。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: