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Subaru released a new security technology eyesight driver assistance system landing in China www.34aaa.com

The development process of Subaru released a new security technology EyeSight driver assistance system China landing – Beijing, Fuji heavy industries, Subaru first technical division backbone Kise Katsuno EyeSight detailed and specific function in new network on 25 October, the day before the 2016 Subaru new security technology conference held in Beijing. In this conference, Subaru re interpretation of the automobile safety in the brand was founded at the beginning of unremitting pursuit, and after years of development the unique security system "formed by the accumulation of a full range of security (SUBARU ALL-AROUND SAFETY)", and announced that the EyeSight driver assistance system will be officially landed Chinese market. In order to pursue a higher level of safety performance of vehicles, Subaru’s various models, are frequently in the world’s third party authority to be recognized by the automobile safety performance evaluation. Subaru was in November 2015 for the China market formally put forward the concept of security is unique, and show the "comprehensive security" (security technology four aspects including initial safety, active safety and passive safety prevention and safety etc.). Today, a year later, Subaru once again for the Chinese market officially released the full range of security advanced security technology – EyeSight driver assistance system. "The full range of security technologies continue to improve, and Subaru offer each driver" comfort and joy "will continue to upgrade.. Subaru motor (Chinese) general manager and director of desert Ltd. Cao Xuejun announced a specific marketing planning EyeSight EyeSight driver assistance system is to avoid the accident, driver assistance system to reduce damage. It is like a reliable driving partner, through two stereo cameras to simulate the human eye, to monitor the road ahead of the vehicle and traffic information. Similar to the human eye stereo camera, can identify multiple targets in the field of vision (vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, etc.), and in addition to distance, but also on the direction, height and other indicators to identify. The EyeSight driver assistance system can predict in advance of collision risk, reduce the damage and provide support for safe driving, according to the condition of the vehicle, "to avoid accidents or reduce the driving load and the two aspects of the function. Specifically, with 4 functions: 1, anti collision braking system (PCB); 2, full speed adaptive cruise control system (ACC); 3, the start of throttle misoperation prevention system; 4 alarm and prompt function. EyeSight driving anti-collision braking system in an auxiliary system (PCB) can effectively avoid the accident — the alarm in the event of an emergency, and can actively participate in braking, also can prevent misoperation caused by the sudden start. In addition, the anti-collision braking system (PCB) can identify the vehicle in front of the various vehicles or pedestrians and other targets, and obtain accurate and various distances between the target information, timely give way to vehicles or pedestrians; and full speed adaptive cruise control system (ACC) can significantly reduce driving fatigue — in traffic jams.相关的主题文章: