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Studies have revealed that dinosaurs had a camouflage pattern predators that could escape prey p8400

Study reveals that dinosaurs have the camouflage pattern: or to escape to find prey predator researchers and a paleontologist artists created the psittacosaur 3D model of Sina Technology News Beijing on September 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, in a recent study, an international research team with well preserved fossils the reconstruction of a psittacosaur color style, revealing the camouflage pattern similar living animal. In the China Psittacosaurus fossils very well preserved fossils of the study finds this, this dinosaur’s abdominal color is shallow, and darker back, this effect is called "ANTISHADOWING" (counter-shading). It also shows that the species living in the light diffusing environment (such as forest). As part of the research, scientists worked with an artist to create a three-dimensional model of the dinosaur. The results of the study were published in Biology (Current). Jacob Vinther and co-author of the University of Bristol (Jakob Vinther) said, "this camouflage pattern psittacosaur the body showed ANTISHADOWING effect, so in the eyes of the beholder less attention." Through the "ANTISHADOWING", they may avoid using the shadow of the object shape to find prey predator. Psittacosaurus (Psittacosaurus) in Greek means "parrot lizard", as the name suggests, they have similar parrot beak. They belong to the ornithischian (Ornithischia), is a late ceratopsian (such as Triceratops) early relatives. Previously, scientists found some dinosaur fossils in the preservation of melanin. The structure of melanin can be found in the skin and feathers of many animals. The artist’s paintings show in detail the dinosaur’s camouflage pattern in the fossil of some species of the genus parrot, which can be observed without the aid of a microscope. The researchers projected the color patterns found in the fossils into a model of actual size to see if they could help the dinosaurs hide themselves. Nicholls Bob Nichols (Bob) to help the research team to reconstruct the three-dimensional model. "Our parrot dragon model is built from the inside out. Thousands of scales, shape and size are different, but many of them only part of the pigment, "Nicholls said," this is a very difficult process, but we finally won the best show the true shape." The team described it as the most scientifically accurate actual size dinosaur model with real color patterns. They also analyzed the effect of the model in the shadow, and compared the data with the camouflage pattern, to determine which kind of light the best hidden effect of dinosaurs. Dr Vinther said: "we should speculate Psittacosaurus is live in the forest. The color patterns of these fossils not only give us a better understanding of the appearance of these extinct animals, but also for the extinction of animals相关的主题文章: