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Stop the immune cells after clinical application pharmaceutical companies revenue fell sharply or el cosmax

Stop the immune cells after clinical application: pharmaceutical companies revenue fell sharply or stopped out of 23 immune cells in clinical application: pharmaceutical companies revenue fell sharply accelerate the exploration of new business newspaper reporter Xiao Meili Guangzhou reported to the State Planning Commission halted clinical application of immune cells, as the main business of the company revenue fell sharply, have to explore other sources of income, to cell storage as the mainstream, the United States, but the short term is still unable to restore hematopoietic function. The industry is expected to eliminate 23 of enterprises. "We can look forward to the cell bank," talk to the enterprise "blood" in one direction, Kang founder and CEO Luo Xiaoling to the mysterious twenty-first Century economic report reporter. One is to Kang immune cell technology research, clinical research, clinical application and technical services as the main business of the enterprise, established only five years won the "first new three immune cell therapy unit" title, the way of staking, in many subsidiaries, laboratory layout. Who knows, listed just over a year, Wei Zexi prompted the clinical application of the State Planning Commission, an emergency stop all the immune cell technology industry, a sudden turn for the worse. One Kang also ushered in the first quake created so far, the 2016 semi annual report shows that the company operating income of about 17 million 460 thousand yuan, down 30.05%; net profit attributable to shareholders of about -1195 million yuan, year-on-year decrease of 544.03%. Kang Kang and the same situation in the immune treatment of enterprises in the minority. In recent years, the emergence of a large number of A shares of listed companies with cell immunotherapy products, many of which are through equity, acquisitions and other ways to cut into this field. According to incomplete statistics, the current concept of immune cells A shares listed companies nearly 20, three new board has 7. After the halt, the twenty-first Century economic news reporter found that extended to the storage of immune cells, the United States and the United States is the two major businesses to explore new business models. But the loss of clinical income sources, the new business has just started, coupled with continued R & D investment, immune cells in the short term is difficult to turn around the city. One business partner Li Guolin said: "the whole industry is facing great pressure, enterprises should continue to carry out research and development work, it is pure investment, no return. Valuation, the price of cell immune targets at least half off. But companies with core technology can still survive." Revenue ten years ago, in the hospital for more than 20 years of work, Luo Xiaoling, because of the huge imagination of the stem cell industry and leave the system, to participate in technology research and development. In 2009, the Ministry of health immune cell therapy technology into third kinds of medical technology management, the same year also released "autologous immune cells (T cells and NK cells) treatment technology management regulations (Draft)", to further carry out autologous immune cell therapy technology in the clinical application of medical institutions, medical personnel, cell preparation technology cell preparation, quality control and other aspects to develop a series of specific requirements. "It allows the clinical application of autologous immune cell technology, many provinces into it. So we focus on this technology to understand the global stage of development in this technology相关的主题文章: