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State six emission standards on the road to sell the 450 thousand Buick who – Sohu car norton disk doctor

"Six" emission standard of road 450 thousand Buick sold the Sohu car Wang Jianlin said Haier was hit the refrigerator only a few money, causing people to ponder on the national economic pillar enterprises, China what is what kind of business? When it comes to the automotive industry who has the national spirit, the red flag is a symbol of Harvard, Geely, Chery, have more right to speak. What have you been up to in the past week? 1, the first implementation of the Beijing in six to reduce vehicle emission pollution, Beijing will be held on January 1, 2017, with the implementation of the sixth phase of vehicle fuel standards, once again led the country ". It is understood that the use of new standards, gasoline vehicle emissions of particulate matter will decline by 10%. Motor vehicle emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, environmental cancer. With the increasingly stringent emission standards on the road, the pressure on the growing car prices, which also promote the development of new energy, hybrid technology. To achieve the transformation and upgrading, is now the major car companies have to face the problem. 2, the new Ralink facelift "turbo core" in November 1st, Guangzhou TOYOTA Ralink listed, sold 10.98-15.08 million yuan. The new car is the biggest change with the 1.2T engine to replace the 1.6L engine, and the standard VSC vehicle stability system. Dynamic performance and Carola 1.2T models, maximum power of 116 horsepower, peak torque of 185N· M. Compared with the 1.6L model, the peak torque increased by 31N· M. Later, TOYOTA will be equipped with 1.2T engine in dazzle, Vios models. Under the environment of energy saving and emission reduction, small displacement turbocharged has increased horsepower to enter the domestic car market. 3, Chery won the following production qualification of new energy Beiqi new energy, new energy, the future of the Yangtze River EV car, Chery became the fourth national new energy automobile production qualification of car prices. As early as 2010, Chery has established Chery New Energy Automobile Technology Co Ltd, previously because of its no new energy production qualification, is to abandon the purchase conch. In recent years, under the strong support of national policies and subsidies, the new energy vehicles into the fast lane, and even the layman enterprises want to share a cup of soup. But the new energy vehicles, quasi birth certificate, but not so good. Of course, can also be obtained through the use of parent company qualification, investment cooperation, mergers and acquisitions, the establishment of joint ventures, etc.. 4, FAW Volkswagen Wei listed on November 3rd, FAW Volkswagen cross-border travel car Wei listed, the sale of 12.59-16.29 million, equipped with 1.4T, 1.6L, the power of a total of 7 models launched in the car. New car based on the PQ34 platform to build, higher ground clearance, as well as practical tail box is a major advantage. In addition, the new car is the standard panoramic sunroof, this is travel. FAW Volkswagen muffled for 6 years, only the introduction of such a cross-border travel car, in no sense on the wagon China, isn’t he? However, the show has been the success of travel car low threshold, no orthodox crock body, may be more acceptable. The Chinese people on the carriage of the vehicle, whether from相关的主题文章: