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Starting from the reproductive health of adult business hall to enter the medical rehabilitation tec nlite

Starting from the reproductive health of adult business hall to enter the medical rehabilitation industry science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu Wen Ding Ding after three years of development, now the hall has grown from a simple Adult supplies business platform, has transformed into a reproductive health class intelligent product development, sales and business platform of enterprise. In 11 on the eve of spring, CEO Lin Degang a detailed interpretation of the landing and planning chunshuitang amphoteric ecological strategies. Smart couple hotel project "in 2015 chunshuitang published poems" flagship store in West Lake is also the first public exposure. In addition, Lin Degang announced, with 300 thousand clean room of medical equipment factory has been put into operation. In 2014, the hall from the adult business platform, began the development of intelligent adult toy products, has launched iBall products and musketeers. Lin Degang said that in 2015 the Sohu of science and technology, chunshuitang began large-scale construction of R & D team, and a majority of people, moved to Shenzhen, new intelligent toys, health products and medical products R & D and supply chain construction. On the strategic change of company’s mind, Lin Degang of Sohu technology said that despite the hall of strategic change, but the company’s core or around the "reproduction" areas. Chunshuitang launched iBall and iHole two intelligent hardware, is for neonatal mother postpartum rehabilitation and prostate health design. In the field of reproductive health, the market competition is relatively small, currently on the market similar products compared to the original, and the two hall of products is a better advantage. After entering 2016, the hall also focus on the medical field. According to the Sohu of science and technology understanding, at the beginning of 2016, the hall has applied for the related medical device license. Recently, chunshuitang medical instrument factory also officially put into operation. Allegedly, this factory in strict accordance with the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) issued by the pharmaceutical quality management specification "(GSP) requirements for construction, including temperature and humidity of the 300 thousand clean workshop with constant temperature and humidity 100 thousand clean laboratory and testing room, not to be the main production hall & Reproductive health class medical equipment and part of the hall of its own brand of toys. Lin Degang of Sohu technology revealed that Geiger pelvic muscle exercise music intelligent instrument began in the water channel sales hospital. This launched on the basis of iBall products, the doctor version of APP, the doctor can also recover the remote management of hundreds of women, and can be used after the online guide. Eliminates the need for the use of traditional instruments when the mother needs to go to the hospital to review the trouble. Lovers hotel is a project chunshuitang released in 2015. Love smart couple hotel general manager Cheng said, this hotel? Will focus on more than 8000 yuan monthly income of 25 to 40 year olds, take the high road. The location is neither residential hotel, nor to part of the housing consumption based "hardcore" Fun Hotel, but to create a romantic experience along with accommodation for lovers. At the same time, the hotel can also provide poems for the user experience: intelligent behavior recognition technology based on,.相关的主题文章: