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Smpforex eurozone political risk increases, risk aversion cohesion-aizi

SMPForex: the euro zone increased political risk aversion condensed recent European listed banks share price plummeted, the Portuguese government bonds rose in the release of a signal: the European Central Bank stimulus plan does not make investors from losses, should be alert to hit a series of political risk. Avoid emotional cohesion. The Spanish government anti austerity election, the French far right parties, the rise of the British retreat European referendum and European refugees crisis political risk will make investors nervous, which is likely to cause investors to sell government bonds, the ECB and other related assets, the market underestimated the British retreat European referendum. The German bank of Fort Belem on Thursday released a report, the risk of current UK back in Europe is increasing, the probability of Champions back from the previous 30% to 35%. The president of the European Commission said that at present very worried about the consistency within the EU will collapse, a major factor in the refugee crisis is a threat to the eurozone itself, the European refugee crisis is likely to disrupt the consistency of eu. The past year has more than millions of refugees into Europe, Germany’s political capital has been depleted, Merkel’s leadership has been widely questioned outside. In addition, the European debt crisis in 2010 " European five pig country " is still a potential factor causing financial market turmoil. On the pension reform related to the rescue plan, the Greek prime minister is likely to talk to the European creditor countries again. Affected by this, Greek government bond prices fell again. From a technical point of view, the pound on Friday after the opening of the Asia Pacific plate continues to rise, the matching period in Europe hit 1.4414 line downward pressure, from the daily view, short-term moving average Guaitou slightly, the pressure above the long-term average, MACD MACD below the zero axis running rail, lower Bollinger rail, on the narrow, from upstream, above resistance 1.4295, 1.4345, from the downward direction, below the support of 1.4190, 1.4140. SMPForex 2016-2-1 [Sina] shares into the financial discussion

SMPForex:欧元区政治风险增加 避险情绪凝聚   近期欧洲上市银行股价的暴跌、葡萄牙政府债券的攀升都在释放一个信号:欧洲央行的刺激计划并不能使得投资者免受损失,应警惕一系列政治风险的袭来。避嫌情绪凝聚。   西班牙反紧缩政府的选举、法国极右翼政党的崛起、英国的退欧公投和欧洲难民危机等政治风险都会使得投资者神经紧绷,这很可能导致投资者抛售政府债券以及其他与欧央行相关的资产,市场低估了英国退欧公投的影响。德国贝伦堡银行上周四发布报告称,目前英国退欧的风险正在增加,退欧的概率从此前的30%增至35%。   欧盟委员会主席表示,目前很担心欧盟内部的一致性会崩塌,难民危机就是威胁欧元区本身的一大因素,欧洲难民危机很有可能瓦解欧盟的一致性。过去一年里有超过数百万的难民涌入欧洲,德国的政治资本已经耗尽,默克尔的领导能力受到了外界的广泛质疑。   另外,2010年欧债危机中的"欧洲五猪国"仍然是引发金融市场动荡的潜在因素。在与救援计划相关的养老金改革问题上,希腊总理很有可能再次与欧洲债权国谈崩。受此影响,希腊政府债券价格再次滑落。   从技术上看,英镑上周五亚太盘开盘后继续走高,欧盘时段触及1.4414一线承压下行,从日线来看,短期均线略有拐头,中长期均线上方承压,MACD零轴下方金叉运行,布林中轨偏下,上下轨收窄,从上行方向看,上方阻力1.4295,1.4345,从下行方向看,下方支撑1.4190,1.4140.   SMPForex   2016-2-1 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: