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[news] Sina anorectal disease should not be underestimated, you don’t pay attention to it, it will kill you! All say "ten nine hemorrhoids", but there are still many patients less than the last minute, resolute not to go to the hospital to open that knife. Because of the legendary hemorrhoids surgery "the world’s first pain."". But you know what? Do not pay attention to anorectal diseases, let them develop, really want your life! For more than a month, Harbin City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine anorectal six wards were treated several patients like this, the smallest is only 2 months. Get in by every opening "perianal abscess" baby diarrhea should pay attention to, cause the perianal abscess to knife recently, Harbin City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine anorectal perianal abscess treated six ward patients to a 2 month old. Parents told reporters that the child is due to poor breast milk, always diarrhea, the child will not express, crying every day, but also began to fever, visit a number of hospitals are unable to find the cause of the disease, and later by a hospital pediatrician diagnosed as perianal abscess. But the doctor said the child is too small, only incision drainage, but the children will be repeated abscess formation. Finally, the baby family after all around, found the Liu Dan director of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine anorectal ward six chief physician, famous TCM physician, born in Harbin city of anorectal family. According to Liu Dan introduction, the child is due to diarrhea caused by increased frequency of defecation, causing anal sinus infection and cause perianal abscess. During the operation, because the child is too small, for the sake of insurance, director Liu asked the hospital senior anesthesiologist for children preoperative anesthesia. Just 20 minutes, the child in the sleep peacefully, Liu Dan carried out radical surgery for it. The parents told reporters: "today you can go through the discharge formalities for the children in the hospital lived only 7 days, and the cost is very low, it is of low consumption and high standards to solve our problems, even to the most, mainly children no longer suffer." Is perianal abscess really that terrible? The answer is yes! But some of the early stages of perianal abscess are predictable. Director Liu Dan told us that, in general, the anus around 10 cm, basically will not grow carbuncle, etc., once found abnormal, patients should pay attention to. In a timely manner to the hospital, if the diagnosis of perianal abscess, the first choice of regular specialized hospital for surgical treatment, do not use antibiotics in the absence of confirmed cases for anti-inflammatory treatment. Because of the abuse of antibiotics can lead to pus cannot be effectively discharged to soft tissue deep erosion, erosion of pus wherever it perforation where, eventually forming the patients with life-threatening fistula. In addition, neonatal and infant recurrent diarrhea can also lead to perianal abscess, therefore, parents must pay special attention to children’s diarrhea. Harbin traditional Chinese medicine hospital (National Model Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, three class a hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine) address: Harbin Daoli District Jianguo Street vice 270 line: 15, 20, 25, 32, 67, 79, 82, 91, 113, 132, 335

【新浪医讯】肛肠疾病不容小觑,你不重视它,它却要你命!   都说“十人九痔”,可仍有好多患者不到最后关头,坚决不去医院开那一刀。因为传说痔疮手术“天下第一痛”。可是你知道吗?对肛肠疾病不重视,任由其发展,真的会要你命!这一个多月来,哈尔滨市中医医院肛肠六病房就连续收治几位这样的患者,最小的才2个月。   无孔不入的“肛周脓肿”   婴儿腹泄要重视,易致肛周脓肿需动刀   近日,哈尔滨市中医医院肛肠六病房收治了一个2个月大的肛周脓肿小患者。患儿家长告诉记者,孩子是因母乳不好,总是腹泻,孩子又不会表达,每天哭啼不止,还开始发烧,就诊了很多家医院均查不出病因,后来经某医院儿科医生确诊为肛周脓肿。但医生表示孩子太小,只能切开引流,不过术后孩子会反复形成脓肿。最后,婴儿家属经多方打听,找到了哈尔滨市中医医院肛肠六病房主任医师、省名中医、出身肛肠世家的刘丹主任。据刘丹介绍,患儿是因腹泻致排便次数增加后,引起肛窦感染而导致了肛周脓肿。手术时,因孩子太小,为保险起见刘主任请医院的高级麻醉师为孩子进行术前麻醉。短短20分钟的时间里,孩子在安然入睡的情况下刘丹为其进行了根治性手术。患儿家长告诉记者:“今天就可以给办理出院手续了,孩子在医院只住了7天,而且花费也很低,真是低消费、超高标准地解决了我们连日来的困扰,最主要是孩子再也不用遭罪了。”   【肛周脓肿真的那么可怕吗?】回答是肯定的!但是有的肛周脓肿前期是可以预知的。刘丹主任告诉我们,一般情况下,肛门周围10公分内基本不会生长痈疮等,一旦发现异常,患者就要引起高度重视。及时到医院就诊,如果确诊为肛周脓肿,一是选择正规专科医院进行手术治疗,千万不要在未经确诊的情况下使用抗生素进行消炎治疗。因为滥用抗生素可导致脓汁得不到有效的排出,从而向深处的软组织侵蚀,脓汁侵蚀到哪里就穿孔到哪里,最终形成瘘,使患者生命受到威胁。另外,新生儿和婴幼儿经常性腹泻也会导致肛周脓肿,因此,家长一定要格外重视孩子的腹泻。   哈尔滨市中医医院(全国示范中医医院、三级甲等中医医院)   地址:哈尔滨市道里区建国街副270号   乘车线路:15、20、25、32、67、79、82、91、113、132、335相关的主题文章: