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Simple to eat hard work, college students lamented the civil service is not easy ratatouille

Simple to eat hard work, college students lamented the civil service is not easy – in Beijing, simply eat hard work, college students lamented the civil service is not easy.   western network (reporter Lang Junqin) the afternoon of August 25th, 2016 to the provincial government College Summer Internship activities over 172 college students from Xi’an Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities, the West and the overseas university received the trainee certificate, the end of their nearly a month of quasi civil service life. "In the courtyard of the first lunch is my beginning to understand the life and work of civil servants, in the dining room, door card, queue up for meals, dishes arranged in neat, simple Home Dishes, all of these and I heard the food of different organs." In practice, Shaanxi Province Price Bureau of the Xianyang Normal University student Ke Chendan said, a month, the agency’s work is no longer stay in "a cup of tea, a newspaper" impression, were kept in the office, printer and keyboard sound busy staff, is the true state of government staff. She said: "during the internship, seven o’clock the vitality of the provincial government compound in the way met me, my teacher loves to work, to a data, often find a lot of information, even for a long time and carefully written scrutiny, hard to master rate, I understand the responsibility monitoring branch on the shoulder." "Guiding college students to practice with feelings, from the beginning of 2012, I have a total of 6 students, especially willing to share their experience to them." Provincial Department of Agriculture Office of Zhang Xin about his feelings: "practice guidance for college students to guide, use the shortest time to let students know more about the work of the government, to establish a correct outlook on life, cultivate their dedication, the courage to play." From the beginning of the summer vacation this year, the province’s cities, counties and district government every year during the summer vacation are required to organize training activities, full coverage of the province to achieve two of the above practice in Colleges and universities, the provincial government departments and institutions directly under the full coverage of the city and County, district government full coverage. This summer the government organs at all levels of the total number of trainee students more than 4700 people, among them, 172 provincial authorities, municipal government (including Hancheng City, Yangling demonstration zone, West Ham District) more than 1100, nearly 3500 of the county government.相关的主题文章: