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Signal strength is not satisfactory   4G signal difference in the end why? People’s communications channel – People’s original title: signal strength is not satisfactory 4G signal difference in the end why? After two years of development, the number of 4G users in China has reached 590 million, more than the sum of Europe and the United states. However, 4G network is becoming increasingly popular, many users are using 4G to the Tucao 4G signal intensity is not satisfactory, sometimes even than the weak 3G signal: only the phone in the balcony, WeChat circle of friends does not open, the video looks always "stuck", grab a red envelope is always a step slow, summer travel abroad to mobile phone "brick"…… Users at home: the home phone ran to the balcony, South Island Road, Mr. Yang is very upset, since the use of 4G mobile phone at home, can only link WiFi, WeChat and QQ to maintain contact with the outside world. The mobile phone signal is best when there is a signal, when the call came in, then went to the balcony to." Yang said, even so, can only hear each other off and on, during the encounter will automatically hang up the phone. In this case, Mr. Yang only through the link WiFi, login WeChat exchange. Yang believes that the mobile 4G signal is poor, for the China Unicom mobile phone, the signal is still very poor. In desperation, had to put a stool to put the phone on the balcony. In Haizhuqu District, Ms. Fang also reflects the use of 4G mobile phone call is slow, the call quality is not as good as before the use of the old 2G phone, but also often lost. She and her father home video call, the screen is always "stuck", the Spring Festival rush red always one step behind. In order to make the signal stronger, she had to hold the mobile phone leaned out of the window, or out of the cell to the street. Fang said that before the operator had wanted to build a base station in the roof, but because the owners worry about radiation, the base station is not built. Travel abroad: the phone is always no service Ms. Lee recently took her daughter’s summer tour, Unicom mobile phone opened international roaming abroad. Unexpectedly, during the trip in Sabah, the phone is always in a state of no service, multiple times or no signal, and finally gave up the start, the phone has become useless bricks". Answer: abnormal often go to the Secretary Taiwan media Ms. Zhang complained to reporters, why did not call someone to call her, but often display the user has enabled the Secretary of Taiwan "or" calling "? To this end, have mistaken her bestie "black", the friendship of the boat almost turned over. According to the analysis of the communication industry, this is the case because the user area of Ms. Zhang too much, not to the user to distribution channel, "like the hall only accommodate 100 people, 101 people full, don’t get in." Experts said: the factorial 4G base station insufficient number of telecommunications experts Fu Liang told reporters, "the 4G base station is still under construction, it needs a process, the construction of 2G base station coverage and spent 20 years of time, data users need more and more base stations, the coverage of each base station will be reduced. Reporter learned that相关的主题文章: