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Sichuan cliff village "ladder" to fix the children safe home visit | cliff village children go "ladder" home in November 19, 2016, Sichuan Liangshan (micro-blog) holiday village lrrr Adler Octogene primary school days, after two days, they will usher in the year of yi. 8 in the morning, the teacher in the playground set students, more than 300 students carrying bags already packed flocked to the playground, there are 20 children who lived in the Wirral club. This agency has been labelled "cliff village", the steep mountain road difficult, a steep rattan "ladder" the connected with the outside world. In August this year, "cliff village" began to use steel instead of the previous "old rattan ladder", at the beginning of November, the new ladder built. This school, 20 children living in the top lrrr agency will be the first to climb the ladder after completion, more safely back to the "cliff village". "Walk this ladder, is not afraid of the" 72 km branch, Mo Xiang Village of Zhaojue county from ADO Adler, terrain to the mountain cliff. This agency, more than 1400 meters above sea level with the ground, vertical distance of about 800 meters. Had to go down the mountain, the villagers need to climb along the cliff 17 climbing vine ladder, which is close to the village of almost perpendicular to the length of the vines connected to about 100 meters, about two meters. Holidays, lrrr primary school originally every month and at the end of the month, to give the kids a holiday, parents will take shuttle. Today, the school for security reasons, the provisions of the next year only in the Yi and winter and summer holidays. 18, the school informed the parents, the morning of the second day can pick up the child at nine, Chen Guji and the other two parents came to the next eight points. In the school, the headmaster organized the children to stand up and took the students to the parents. This is the new ladder repaired, they came home for the first time. The beginning of the road is not a ladder, behind the back of the hands of the old wood, holding the backpack, but the children are also more exchanges, bow to walk, every place to have a platform to focus on the rest. Half an hour later, arrived at the first section of the ladder. Small Chen Mu black slowly squat forward, first hand grip on the ladder, and then with hands and feet to climb, Chen Jia Da daughter Chen Xinming on one side to take care of my little brother. Be asked to be tired not tired, Chen wood black nods, ask to be afraid of not afraid, he shakes head to say: "walk this ladder, not afraid." Chen Muhei has been walking in front of the team, climbing the ladder with both hands and feet, but easy and flexible, to see the birds flying in the air parked on the road, Chen Ran black ran back. Chen Xinming 15 years old, "the eleven" holiday home, she saw the new ladder, feel the road becomes beautiful, or go. The 11 year old as salad Mo said, after the mountains are often out of stone, now the ladder like stairs, not only hand place, my heart felt at ease, at least not afraid of falling stones, don’t worry about slipping in a small stone. The new journey almost 1 hours, the original old rattan ladder to keep the new ladder built, came from Yunnan Zhaotong Long Deshun master contract. In August 27th, he and another man to the identity of the individual and the village branch signed the agreement, each pay 600 yuan a day. Long Deshun introduced, according to the requirements of this part of the village, the ladder is a new way to re open the ladder and the original rattan ladder, is straight, unlike the previous rattan ladder detour, this mountain is faster than before and 1 hours.相关的主题文章: