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Shiyan more than 8700 police patrol the streets to secure the National Day travel safety-seaway

Shiyan more than 8700 police patrol the streets to secure the safety of National Day travel reporter yesterday from the Municipal Public Security Bureau was informed that during eleven, the city invested a total of more than 8700 people to carry out police patrol prevention and control, Shiyan is not a major traffic accident, fire accident, public order and criminal cases, without the occurrence of major accidents and other cases, the public had a safe and stable and orderly the holiday. During eleven, the city’s public security organs received alarm telephone 9920, the police since 3220, involving 239 criminal police intelligence, police traffic alarm 1655, alarm 990, alarm 7, turn 272, report 129, other 12. The city invested a total of more than 8700 people to carry out patrol prevention and control, arrested 67 people, more than 920 people. The city police department police were dispatched more than 2700 people, more than 800 police times, start the law enforcement service station 34, temporary duty point 48, starting the rural persuasion station 73, the establishment of cross rectification special class 7; 24 hours duty system in the 20 provinces, inter city bayonet, strengthening of the road to the main road the city, around the airport road, high-speed, scenic area and rural area patrol control, thorough investigation of heavy two super fatigue, drunk driving, Wupaiwuzheng driving and other key traffic violations. According to the Wudang Mountains square, mountain scenic area, Wanda Plaza, the blocked Road, the traffic police department to take full control at shunt guidance, etc., to strengthen key sections, time of traffic management, to prevent the formation of blocking point. Eleven during the inspection of all types of key vehicles more than 2 times, more than 30 times, to divert vehicles more than 80 passengers tourists; investigate all kinds of traffic violations since 510, of which 74 cases of drunk driving, drunk driving 19, 50 bus overcrowding. The city did not occur more serious traffic accidents and serious traffic jams, to ensure the smooth flow of safety of the masses. During eleven, the city’s fire department inspected 123 units, and urge the rectification of fire hazards and found violations in 151, issued 87 copies of the rectification notice, the city did not fire accidents involving casualties and large loss of property. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: