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Shenzhen Tong near the "smart" funds layout Beijing Jin – Hong Kong Securities reporter Guan Wei with the Shenzhen Hong Kong through rules and supporting rules continue to fall, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the official launch has been getting closer, the Hong Kong stock market will usher in the valuation of repair opportunities in the long-term. Brightest smart funds began to layout Hong Kong stocks. China Hong Kong stocks through aspiring fund managers, Huaxia Fund Investment Department Director Li Xiangjie, who is responsible for that, at present Hongkong market is a long-term allocation opportunity to set up the first batch of Hong Kong stocks can lead investors to fund is expected to have the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the first taste of the soup". Policy support "smart" funds have begun to layout this year the Hongkong market, the overall performance is excellent, the Hang Seng Index since February lows rebound in 28%, south of the mainland capital enthusiasm for Hong Kong stocks inflows scale new highs. In the era of global water into the big, ample funds are looking for the valuation of the layout of depression, but also to eliminate all high-yield assets, the Hongkong market has two key features." Li Xiangjie said, the next period of time, the domestic economy has stabilized short period improved, A stock market overall lack of opportunities, strengthen efforts to control the real estate market, "smart" funds have begun to layout of the Hong Kong stock. He believes that through the allocation of assets in the global scope, not only can effectively disperse and hedge risk, also can share the fruits of development in different stages of the country, so as to realize the long-term preservation and increment of wealth, more important is the support of policy factors. Shenzhen Tong is expected to "the fastest in November began the formal implementation of the total amount, South cancel limit, Hong Kong stocks accounted for turnover of more than 90% of the stock to investors in the mainland release, the interconnection mechanism between the two markets has been further strengthened." Li Xiangjie believes that with the influx of capital to accelerate the influx, the Hong Kong stock market pricing in the long term will be converted from foreign investment to domestic, Hong Kong stocks will usher in a long-term valuation repair process. The Hong Kong stock market valuation of depression meet the long-term opportunity allocation of the "securities" reporter learned, Li Xiangjie fund Yuanta Asia Pacific Growth Fund has won Taiwan fund Diamond Award in China, Asia Pacific (including Japan) equity fund 3 year outstanding Fund Award, May 25, 2016 China Global Select Fund Management, as of September 30, 2016. The term of return of 12.98%. Li Xiangjie has a wealth of management experience in Hong Kong stocks will be selected through the selection of stock based Securities Investment Fund (LOF) fund manager. He believes that compared with the world’s major stock markets, the Hongkong market is still in the valuation of depression." Li Xiangjie believes that as of September 26th, the Hang Seng Index and the Hang Seng Index of state-owned enterprises in 2016, the dynamic price earnings ratio is only 11.6 times and 8.1 times, significantly lower than that of developed markets such as the US and Europe valuations are lower than in India, Brazil, Chinese A stock market. For a long time, the Hongkong stock exchange has attracted a large number of local, mainland and overseas listed companies to become one of the world’s most inclusive and diversified securities market. Li Xiangjie said that the current AH share premium index is still relatively high, the valuation from the industry point of view, the vast majority of the Hong Kong stock market valuation is lower than A shares, especially in health care, raw materials.相关的主题文章: