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Shenzhen airport ushered in the peak of the national day trip 2 hours ahead of time check-in -66814

Shenzhen airport ushered in the National Day travel peak 2 hours ahead of check-in – Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: Shenzhen airport ushered in the National Day travel peak with the National Day golden week is approaching, Shenzhen airport ushered in the beginning of September 29th before the peak passenger travel, September 29th, 30 days per day were nearly 120 thousand passengers inbound and outbound flow. In addition, from October 1st, the closing time of Shenzhen airport’s domestic departure port will advance to 15 minutes before boarding. The airport reminds passengers to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance. It is understood that, since the Mid Autumn Festival and national day this year, a period of time, the previous "fake" a relatively reduced number of people. According to the past eleven Golden Week travel passenger flow law, the peak of travel is in the 1~2 days before the festival. The airport said that in September 29th 30, two days of Shenzhen airport daily inbound and outbound flow will be close to 120 thousand passengers. The peak of the rear return passenger flow will be concentrated on two days of ~7 day in October 6th, and the airport passenger transportation is expected to be over 800 thousand passengers throughout the national day seven day holiday. The reporter learned from the airport ticket office that the current ticket sales are also basically consistent with the peak travel peak. "The eleven golden week trips mainly consist of tourists and visiting relatives. Currently, tickets for popular cities are more intense, and some airline tickets have been sold out. The staff at the airport ticketing office said that the tickets for the holidays in Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places were relatively tight, including Wuhan’s prepaid tickets sold out. International and regional, Southeast Asia and other surrounding tourism market is hot. In addition, because from October 1st onwards, Shenzhen airport domestic flights in advance to the gate closing time unified flight plan 15 minutes before take-off, the airport reminded must allow sufficient time for passengers to travel before, at least two hours ahead of check-in at the airport, to avoid road congestion or peak waiting and travel delays. (reporter Chen Faqing correspondent Ye Dan) (commissioning editor Chen Yuzhu and Wang Xing) 深圳机场迎来国庆出行高峰 提前2小时办理登机手续–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:深圳机场迎来国庆出行高峰   随着国庆黄金周的临近,深圳机场9月29日开始迎来节前出行客流高峰,9月29日、30日每日进出港客流均接近12万人次。此外,10月1日起深圳机场国内出港航班登机口关闭时间将提前至登机前15分钟,机场提醒旅客乘机至少要提前2小时到达机场办理手续。   据了解,由于今年中秋与国庆相隔了一段时间,以往“拼假”一族相对减少。根据以往十一黄金周出行客流规律,乘机出行高峰出现在节前1~2天。机场方面表示,9月29日、30日两天深圳机场单日进出港客流将接近12万人次。节后返程客流高峰将主要集中在10月6日~7日两天,整个国庆七天假期机场运送旅客预计将超80万人次。   记者从机场售票处获悉,目前客票销售情况也与出行高峰基本吻合。“十一黄金周出行客流主要以旅游和探亲人群为主,目前节前热门城市的票源较为紧张,部分航线机票已售罄。”机场售票处工作人员介绍,国内机票方面,成都、重庆、长沙、杭州、上海等地节前票源较为紧张,其中武汉节前机票已经售罄。国际及地区方面,东南亚等周边游市场火爆。   另外,由于从10月1日起,深圳机场国内出港航班登机口关闭时间统一提前至航班计划起飞前15分钟,机场特别提醒旅客出行前务必预留充足时间,至少提前两小时到达机场办理乘机手续,避免因路上拥堵或高峰期排队等候而耽误行程。(记者 陈发清 通讯员 叶丹) (责编:陈育柱、王星)相关的主题文章: