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Shen 4 companies included in the sewage blacklist and another 8 were warned (video)-444kk.com

Shen 4 sewage companies included in the "black list" and another 8 were warned of the environmental protection department said the Beijing Tianjin Hebei heavy pollution exposure exceed the standard sewage enterprises in Shenyang 4 environmental illegal enterprises were included in the Shenyang city sewage units "blacklist", and another 8 companies were included in the serious warning of enterprise. According to the "measures of single black sewage units of Shenyang city management" (Trial), once incorporated into the Shenyang municipal sewage units "blacklist", enterprises will be subject to punishment in loans, insurance premiums, public examination, government procurement, policy incentives, such as tax, as a punishment period for one year. After being blacklisted, refused to rectification, or to lift the blacklist after being included in the blacklist again, by the environmental protection department in charge of the approval of the people’s government ordered its closure, closure. 4 companies were included in the list of sewage blacklist Shenyang City real estate Authority Heating Company (Taiyuan Street boiler room), repeatedly exceeded the sewage, and during the haze unauthorized outage pollution control facilities. Shenyang Shengda heating limited air pollutant emissions exceed the standard term, many times by the administrative punishment but not eliminate violations, did not carry out their own monitoring information disclosure work in controlling pollution sources. Shenyang Railway Bureau Shenyang real estate life long exceeded emissions of atmospheric pollutants, has repeatedly been administrative punishment but has not yet eliminated illegal acts, violation of construction project management regulations. Since the completion of the Shenyang Coking Gas Co., Ltd., a number of serious pollution of the environment, excessive emissions of atmospheric pollutants over a long period of time, many times by the higher authorities to punish environmental protection bulletin. 8 companies were included in the serious warning enterprises in Shenyang second thermal heating company (the five river boiler room) Shenyang Tianrun heating Co. Ltd. Shenyang Xiangyun heating Co. Ltd. Shenyang Dongtai new source development limited liability company JOYOU Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone Thermoelectric Company Limited Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone Thermoelectric Company Hongyu Xinmin thermal Co. the company including air pollution facilities are not running, exceed the standard discharge, without the approval of construction projects put into use etc.. In view of the enterprises to carry out rectification work, timely elimination of environmental violations, included in a serious warning enterprise.相关的主题文章: