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Shell resource opportunities are still in 3D Denver Quweicunzhen magicq

Shell resource opportunities are still in 3D Quweicunzhen Denver sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my "red week" author Zhao Kangjie in the policy of tighter regulation of the situation you, many industry investors more in an interview with "red week" or that shell there is still uncertainty opportunity resource. "No launch on the premises under the registration system, the new regulations will not change the restructuring of the investment value of shell resources, the presence of the investors, the premise of good money drives out good money in the long term, should be regarded as dumbledore." The new recombinant long short space and more three-dimensional mining resources value although this is known as "the history of the most stringent new regulations reorganization" has no small impact on mergers and acquisitions of listed companies but, in the current new lake still exist, the city is still on the backdoor shortcut. Therefore, many private people in the red week interview, said they saw more new rules brought about by investment opportunities. "Because of the introduction of new regulations, will make the shell resource Quweicunzhen, the equivalent of this provision has helped us investors first screening over the pros and cons of shell resources, the real value of shell resources is not reduced, it will greatly enhance the. At present, we are betting on the subject of shell resources without any adjustment." Beijing, a private person who declined to be named, said the red week. Beijing Changyuan investment fund manager Zhang Jianfang also believes that the Commission has been advocating the removal of the trivial, let the capital into the real economy, this should be the starting point of the Commission issued new regulations, for investors "long". For shell resources investors, the new regulations promulgated to fry housing greatly increased the difficulty of capital market, short-term arbitrage space will also be greatly reduced; but in the long run, which is conducive to the listed company through the "normal" mergers and acquisitions to improve the quality, promote the industry integration and industrial upgrading, and contribute to the healthy development of the capital market reduce the risk of investors. After the new regulations on Friday night landing, the company on Sunday temporary overtime, specialized organizations to discuss and study the investment opportunities brought about by the new regulations. We also plan to properly price and even underestimate the shell resource stocks to be properly configured." Zhang Jianfang said. Has been concerned about the shell resource investment Jiasheng investment general manager Wang Wei is more understanding from the perspective of shell resources assets value. He believes that the stock market is an important place for domestic assets, if the registration system introduced, shell resources will lose value, but if the registration system has not landed, only through the two levels of asset markets in order to realize the rapid realization. He believes that the registration system will not be introduced soon. "The day before the Commission launched the IPO green channel of poverty alleviation, I think this is likely to release a signal registration system will not be launched soon in advance, if the registration system will fast landing, the establishment of poverty channel did not make an unnecessary move?" Wang Wei told reporters. Beijing China animal husbandry investment chairman Xin Yu of the "red week" said in the registration system, to postpone the strategic emerging board canceled, IPO Lake under the condition of the territory there are a lot of high quality enterprises need to visit the capital market, so from this perspective, the shell resource is still scarce. On相关的主题文章: