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Shanxi Linxian County held the leadership of Qikou Tourism Cultural Festival red dates county provin www.xs99.com

Shanxi Linxian County held the leadership of Qikou Tourism Cultural Festival red dates "shout in the provincial capital County jujube new network Taiyuan Beijing 23 September, September 23rd (Liu Xiaohong), Shanxi Province, Lvliang City, Linxian County County, Linxian County people’s government held a news conference in the capital city of Taiyuan, announced the" Chinese? The first "red scilloides Qikou ‘red dates tourism culture day, from September 27th to 29, held in Linxian County Qikou town. On the day of the conference site, leading Linxian County County Deputy Secretary, deputy secretary of the county government, Li Shuanghui Li Qi, county committee, propaganda minister Ren Wenzhen and several counties, the central, provincial and municipal more than and 30 news media reporters, the field for the Linxian County red dates name shout jujube. At the scene, Linxian County County Deputy Secretary Li Qi on the "first" Zaoer Chinese? Qikou red red dates "Tourism Culture Festival" activities are introduced, Linxian County County propaganda department, bureau of agriculture, culture, red dates Industry Bureau and Qikou town who were responsible for answering questions from journalists. According to the Linxian County County Committee, propaganda minister Ren Wenzhen introduced, is to create "Linxian County red dates" of the characteristics of brand "Linxian County red dates", enhance the visibility and influence, and make the forest county red dates industry, to create a strong industry farmers income support, accelerate the process of poverty alleviation in Linxian County, Linxian County county Party committee and the people of Linxian County the government decided that from September 27th to 29, held in the Yellow River, the ancient town, red dates "as the theme of the first" Zaoer Chinese Qikou red "red dates tourism cultural festival. It is understood that the tourism cultural festival activities, to "the Yellow River, ancient town, red dates" as the theme, to carry out ecological tourism and other activities in the jujube area ten. During the tourism cultural festival will be held in red dates, ecological sightseeing garden, jujube area red dates products on sale, Linxian County special food culture exhibition, the Yellow River and surrounding villages in the Qikou town?? red dates charm of Lvliang photography exhibition, painting exhibition, Linxian County characteristics of agricultural and sideline products exhibition, Linxian County special theatrical performances, Linxian County folk museum three museum open activities. Linxian County County Deputy Secretary Li Qi said, held in 2016 China? The first "Zaoer Qikou red" red dates through the development of tourism and Culture Festival, jujube ecological sightseeing tour, red dates and other agricultural and sideline products exhibition, photography contest, Internet plus red dates, red dates "forum on the development of food culture show a series of events, true to the mining Linxian County red dates industrial culture, show the role of industry development achievements of Linxian County red dates. Ren Wenzhen said, "by holding the red dates Tourism Cultural Festival will build" Linxian County red dates "the characteristics of the brand, enhance the" Linxian County red dates "and Qikou scenic areas of the visibility and influence of construction strength of new Linxian County, new Linxian County, new vitality charm of Linxian County, new Linxian County, new Linxian County ecological civilization, harmonious the new Linxian County" six new Linxian County "out of poverty, fight to win the battle play a positive role in promoting." Linxian County is located in the the Yellow River Valley in central Lvliang, Shanxi, Shanxi side, jurisdiction over 631 administrative villages in 23 towns, a total area of 2979 square kilometers, the total population of 650 thousand and 700 people, the territory of coal, red dates is rich in resources, potential resources, development in Fuxian county. 23 county towns have jujube planting area of 820 thousand acres of forest, red dates, red dates of forest coverage)相关的主题文章: