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Shanghai’s first public toilets will be enabled to reduce gender female toilet queue-zibba

Shanghai’s first sex public toilets will enable the original title: to reduce queuing women toilet: much now "no toilet" controversy of the waste or stand up? Beijing Beijing, November 10, (Lv Chunrong) the day before, Shanghai city’s first gender free public toilets, is expected to be put into use in late November, it also made "no toilet topic attention again. Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter noted that in recent years, Shenyang, Chongqing, Qingdao, Beijing and other places have emerged without gender toilets. So, what kind of toilet, why to build such a toilet? Washington reporter conducted a survey interview. Data figure: Shanghai’s first sex public toilets. Source: Shanghai’s first visual Chinese no toilets to reduce queuing late enable no gender restrictions, open design of female toilet…… Recently, the media exposure of the Shanghai’s first sex public toilets. Reported that the seat has no gender toilets have 6 compartments, 4 squat compartment, in addition to male urine. The public toilet? The day before, Shanghai city environmental quality monitoring center of science and Technology Information Department Jiang Ruizhi told Beijing reporters, the public toilet compartment area than ordinary toilets more into the compartment, will remind other users "someone inside the door". At the same time, the partition between the design of up to 2.30 meters above the baffle, the compartment will be sealed under the gap. "Public toilets have specialized personnel management, public toilet security and privacy is guaranteed, unless a deliberate extreme behavior." Jiang Ruizhi said that public toilets and some humane facilities, such as, will always play the music, the sound of the toilet to avoid embarrassment. Why the establishment of such public toilets? In this regard, Jiang Ruizhi said, to build the first no toilets, this is a rational allocation of resources of public toilets pilot, aimed at reducing the female toilet queuing situation. As he says, female toilet queue problem is common in life. According to the World Toilet Organization statistics, per person per day on the toilet 6-8, female toilet time average 70 seconds -75 seconds, male toilet time averaged 30 seconds -35 seconds, the female toilet frequency is about 1.5 times that of men. In addition, there are media reports, is expected in the future, Shanghai will be no gender toilets accounted for 25% to 30% of all public toilets in the city center." In this regard, Jiang Ruizhi responded that this statement is not accurate, the current is just a pilot, the future will develop and test run according to the situation of public toilets, real-time tracking, depending on the level of public acceptance, and combined with various new public toilets reconstruction plan and service groups, and then determine whether further specific. The picture shows the gender friendly toilet at Cafe Zarah coffee shop. Lv Chunrong photo Beijing multi agency set a gender friendly toilet: Hebei to promote social progress the concept of sponsors in Shanghai, the first no public toilets will be put into use. In another big city, Beijing, this year, there have been a number of gender free toilets, these toilets have a special name, called gender friendly toilet". It is understood that the gender friendly toilet activities in Beijing is a project by the NGO Jun相关的主题文章: