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Shanghai free trade zone three years to impossible into possible – Beijing-brock lesnar

Shanghai free trade zone "three years" to "impossible" into "possible" – Beijing original title: the Economic Observer: Shanghai FTA "three years" to "impossible" into "possible" in Shanghai on 28 September, (Miu Lu) at 6:30 in the morning, carrying the internationally renowned fashion brand clothing the flight landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport; 7:19, 8:28, clothing warehousing tally; start customs declaration; at 10:10, out of the district into the China domestic clothing clearance. The whole 3 hours and 40 minutes, Shanghai free trade zone air logistics speed was refreshed. Refresh the record imports of clothing clearance behind many "hidden doorway" system innovation, and this is just a microcosm of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, with the general manager of Baosteel Group Finance Company Limited assistant Zhang Bo said: "the reform of Shanghai free trade zone so many" impossible "become" likely "". Shanghai free trade zone is about to expire 3 anniversary. Over the past 3 years, feeling the stones across the river, not only refresh the transaction speed, but also refresh the breadth and depth of institutional reform. Baosteel Group Finance Limited liability company in RMB cash pool in 2005 set up the cash pool support group to achieve a unified collection, unified domestic RMB funds payment and unified operation, but how to open up the domestic and foreign funds has always troubled enterprises. However, the Shanghai FTA introduction of two-way cross-border RMB capital pool policy finally let this problem smoothly done or easily solved, two-way cross-border RMB capital pool is the enterprise internal management and financing activities, according to their own needs of non financial member enterprises in cross-border RMB funds in the domestic and foreign swap. Zhang Bo said, "the use of this policy, the company achieved between Pudong and China World Trade Center Baosteel Singapore company two-way cross-border RMB funds collection, create the conditions for the realization of Global Funds Centralized Management and operation". The beauty and health benefit quality detection technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the United States, as well) Shanghai FTA expanding area in the first certification, its chief executive, said Rong "lucky", because of a "plus the negative list of national treatment before admission, before entering the market does not have the qualification of Chinese the health not only successfully stationed in Shanghai Free Trade Zone bridge area, into the" Shanghai "for time is greatly shortened, only half a month to get a business license. If three years ago, as the Shanghai free trade zone is a national strategy, so in three years, the changes in the "experimental field" is to adapt to market demand, the so-called "what is missing, what, what". Chinese (Shanghai) director of Lujiazui Free Trade Zone Management Bureau Wang Hua told News Agency reporters, Shanghai FTA has been the business pain points as the focus of reform, carry out "become the institutional innovation heights, never become the preferential policy of depression" concept, "the core advantage of Shanghai FTA is institutional innovation". For example, in order to cope with the financial innovation business floor, Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administration of Lujiazui since 2015, with more than 30 different forms of organization of enterprises and institutions, exchanges, strive to fully understand the business of trade)相关的主题文章: