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Shandong teachers Zhuang Fengmei wants Guizhou to have a warm autumn mountain boy – Beijing-e3300

Shandong volunteer teacher Zhuang Fengmei wanted to make Guizhou the mountains children have a warm Mid Autumn – Beijing 13 days, this time the post office — custom reunion send love home "has received readers sent moon cake. In Kaili City, Guizhou Province town of sankeshu village primary school teaching fish of Liangshan girl Zhuang Fengmei, also paid close attention to the Mid Autumn Festival, she sent a message in my circle of friends, want to give a total of 20 children per person a moon cakes ", caused a lot of people’s attention. That village teacher’s wishes, temporarily added in 13, a number of moon cake gift, the same day that she sent to the fish village primary school education. Next, the newspaper will also launch love activities to help Zhuang Fengmei and fish walled primary school children to achieve more wishes. Newspaper reporter Yue Yinyin adhere to the annual return to Liangshan to see his parents once wanted to give the school 20 children each a moon cake." 13, pay attention to the time the post office — custom reunion send love home "activities, in Kaili city of Guizhou province sankeshu town fish village primary school to support education of Liangshan girl Zhuang Fengmei in the circle of friends to send such a message. Go to the village for three years, she still insisted on a year back to Liangshan to see his parents once, now is the Mid Autumn Festival, she sent a message in the circle of friends: "according to a live 75 year old parents, see less than a year, I just want to look at them." Fish village is located in Miaoling depths, is a Miao village of sankeshu town south village of Kaili city in Guizhou Prefecture of Qiandongnan province. Fish village primary school is located in the mountain 1280 meters above sea level, 3 years ago when Zhuang Fengmei first went up from the mountain, walk two hours to arrive. In 2013, President Pi Yingshi posted on the Internet, I hope someone can come here to volunteer, Zhuang Fengmei saw the post. 26 year old Zhuang Fengmei is a native of Liangshan girl, when she was working in a kindergarten in Jining, a primary school children in the village of fish pictures changed her fate. She decided to go to the village to complete their dream in fish. The saying goes, the mother accompanied her from Yanzhou by two day and night train to Kaili, then take more than two hours of the car to the South Village, and two hour walk up the mountain, and finally to the fish village primary school. She said: "the scenery is beautiful, but in the face of the small old school three floor, she found it hard to accept." Listening to the teachers, teachers and students of more than and 30 fish village primary school in the village mouth lined came all the way to teach Fengmei zhuang. In a lifetime to marry into the teaching as high grade language teacher is her first job in the fish village primary school, the school up to more than and 80 students, three teachers kept working class, busy, no time to miss Zhuang Fengmei. At the beginning of her silly, said Miao language all children usually communicate, local people rarely speak Chinese, she couldn’t understand what people say, and they don’t understand what she said, Zhuang Fengmei felt very difficult. "The only way to do this is to communicate more slowly and to understand their expressions and body language, and then learn from two teachers." Later, she fell in love with here, married Miao young Wu Chengyu her father. Now。相关的主题文章: