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Shandong 66 year old farmer by living funeral wearing a shroud drill grave – Sohu news www.34aaa.com

Shandong 66 year old farmer by "living funeral": wearing a shroud drill grave – Sohu news in the "living funeral" ceremony, relatives and friends as the "dead" Zhang Deyang (right) worship gift. "Living funeral ceremony", "the dead" like Zhang ready to climb into his grave. "Living in the funeral ceremony," the band "funeral" atmosphere. Sketch the general "living funeral", amused the villagers. For Zhang like to wear a shroud, embrace the underworld " his wife, ready to participate in the " " " living funeral ceremony. In February 6, 2016 three, Shandong Province, Rizhao City town Donggang District, Luogu village, 66 year old villager Zhang kind staged a "living funeral" farce, just want to personally see him how many friends care about what he has done and for his death, to test him in the hearts of the people position. More than 40 relatives and hundreds of villagers witnessed this special "living funeral ceremony". The graph is "living funeral ceremony", "the dead" like Zhang climbed into his grave. Oriental IC Zhang Deyang was born in January 19, 1950, engaged in cargo trafficking, recycling business, in 2015 June has invested 26 thousand yuan for the village to build a 200 meters long, 2 meters wide field road, convenient villagers production. Because of family difficulties and his own reasons, his brothers three did not get married. Third, only 1.4 meters tall Zhang Deyang, not only did not get married, many of the good things he has done no social repercussions, so he held a prompted by a sudden impulse, it cost hundreds of million yuan of "living funeral", to prove their existence.

山东66岁老农自办“活人出殡”:穿寿衣钻坟墓-搜狐新闻 在“活人出殡”仪式上,亲朋好友为“死者”张德样(右)叩拜大礼。 “活人出殡”仪式上,“死者”张德样准备爬进自己的坟墓。 在“活人出殡”仪式上,乐队为“葬礼”营造气氛。 小品一般的“活人出殡”,逗乐了村民。 图为张德样穿上寿衣、怀抱阴间的"妻子",准备参加"活人出殡"仪式。   2016年2月6日,山东省日照市东港区三庄镇上卜落崮村,66岁村民张德样上演了一出“活人出殡”闹剧,只是想“亲自”看一看他死后有多少亲朋好友在乎他所做的一切和他的为人,来检验他在人们心中的位置。40多位亲戚和数百名村民见证了这一特殊的“活人出殡”仪式。图为“活人出殡”仪式上,“死者”张德样爬进自己的坟墓。东方IC   1950年1月19日出生的张德样,从事过海货贩卖、废品收购等生意,2015年6月份还出资2.6万元为村里修建了一段长200米、宽2米的田间生产路,方便了村民生产。由于家庭困难和自身原因,他兄弟三个都没有成家。排行老三、身高只有1.4米的张德样,不但没成家,他所做的许多好事也没在社会上引起反响,于是就心血来潮,举办了这一场耗资上万元的“活人出殡”,来证明自己的存在。相关的主题文章: