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Shaanxi province for the first time issued a commemorative stamp for 652 environmentalists (video)-k9084

Shaanxi issued the first prize of the commemorative medal for 652 environmental workers in September 27th. In September 27th, the provincial environmental protection system was held for the first time to issue a long-term commemoration Conference on environmental protection. For the first time, the commemorative medals were awarded to 652 environmental workers who had been fighting for a long time in the province. Lou Qinjian, the Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee and Hu Heping, the governor of the Provincial Committee, made important instructions, and Wu Qianjin, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress, was present, and Zhang Daohong, the deputy governor of the Provincial Committee, spoke. Provincial government deputy secretary general Xia Xiaozhong to convey important instructions of provincial Party Secretary Lou Qinjian, governor Hu Heping, the chapter on behalf of congratulations and thanks, and asked the province’s environmental protection system of cadres and workers to study and promote their hard work, diligence and perseverance to forge ahead, pioneer spirit, strive to make extraordinary results in the extraordinary position. For the realization of Shaanxi earth more green mountains, the water is more green, more blue days and make unremitting efforts. Zhang Daohong first expressed his high respect and heartfelt thanks to the provincial government for all the comrades who made outstanding contributions to the development of Shaanxi’s environmental protection business, and warmly congratulated the delegates. He pointed out that the environmental protection work in our province has achieved good development, the Ministry of environmental protection and environmental protection departments at all levels of the party and the government attaches great importance to and vigorously support, continue to strengthen capacity building and comprehensive support capacity building, rely on, to withstand pressure, overcome difficulties, to achieve the overall environmental quality improvement of the whole province. The 652 comrades awarded with a badge as the representative of all the fighting in a long line of environmental protection workers hard work, hard, and dedication with long-term pursuit, writing a lofty realm of generations of environmental people and selfless feelings, made a great contribution to the protection of the ecological environment in our province to provide a strong guarantee. For the health and well-being of the people of shaanxi. Zhang Daohong stressed that, at present, environmental protection is closely related to the development of Shaanxi’s society and the well-being of the people. It’s an important connotations and practical guarantee for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and a great undertaking that needs to be strived for and persisted for a long time. The provincial Party committee and the provincial government conscientiously implement the central decision-making and deployment, take environmental protection as a very important work to plan and arrange carefully, adhere to systematic thinking, and formulate a series of effective and effective policies and measures, and push them forward vigorously. The province’s environmental protection system to strengthen confidence, earnestly strengthen the progressive awareness, fighting spirit and occupation sense of honor, to carry forward the opportunity before, a long time for the power of the spirit of hard work, efforts to promote environmental protection work in Shaanxi in the "13th Five-Year" period to a new stage. (reporter Wangjia) Note: video is only for extended reading. Shaanxi noodle donated two thousand voucher for sanitation workers can be free to eat noodles

陕西省首次为652名环保工作者颁发纪念章颁奖现场9月27日,陕西召开全省环保系统首次颁发长期从事环保工作纪念章大会。首次对我省652名长期奋战在一线的环保工作者颁发了纪念奖章。省委书记娄勤俭、省长胡和平作出重要批示,省人大常委会副主任吴前进出席,副省长张道宏讲话。省政府副秘书长夏晓中传达省委书记娄勤俭、省长胡和平的重要批示,对受章代表表示祝贺和感谢,并要求全省环保系统广大干部职工学习和弘扬他们埋头苦干、勤勉务实、执着奋进、勇创一流的精神,努力在平凡的岗位上做出不平凡的业绩,为实现三秦大地山更青、水更绿、天更蓝而不懈奋斗。张道宏首先代表省政府对所有为陕西环保事业发展作出突出贡献的同志们表示崇高敬意和衷心感谢,向受章代表个人表示热烈祝贺。他指出,我省环保工作取得了良好的发展,各级环保部门在环保部和党委政府的高度重视和大力支持下,不断加强队伍能力建设和综合保障能力建设,不等不靠,顶住压力,攻坚克难,实现了全省环境质量的整体改善。以获颁纪念章的652名同志为代表的全体长期奋战在一线上的环保工作者勤恳敬业,不畏艰辛,用长期的坚守和执着的追求,书写了几代环保人的崇高境界和无私情怀,为我省的生态环境保护作出了巨大贡献,为三秦人民的健康福祉提供了坚强保障。张道宏强调,当前,环保工作关乎陕西社会发展,紧系民生福祉,是实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦的重要内涵和切实保障,更是一项需要长期为之奋斗和坚持的伟大事业。省委、省政府认真贯彻落实中央决策部署,把环境保护作为一项非常重要的工作进行精心谋划和安排部署,坚持系统化思维,制订了一系列有力有效的政策措施,并强力进行推进。全省环保系统要坚定自信,切实强化进取意识、拼搏精神和职业荣誉感,发扬砥砺前行、久久为功的实干精神,努力在“十三五”时期推动陕西环保工作迈向新阶段。(记者王嘉)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 陕西一面馆赠两千张餐券 环卫工可免费吃面相关的主题文章: