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Serious lack of fire protection facilities in enterprises with output value of nearly two hundred mi-ca1290

In the enterprises with nearly two hundred million yuan of output value, the fire facilities are seriously missing, and the fire facilities in the enterprises with a value of nearly two hundred million yuan are badly missing. A printing plant in Suining, Sichuan is listed as the 100 major fire hazard unit in the country. When CCTV reporter came to this factory earlier, he found that this large labor intensive enterprise with an annual output value of nearly two hundred million yuan, no matter it is in fireproof hardware facilities or safety production management, has many problems. In the nearly 10 thousand square meter storeroom of the printing plant, a large number of paper materials are stacked. The fire division of the whole storehouse has gone through a round of rectification and still does not meet the requirements. The inspectors say the automatic spray system must be installed in such a large area, but the automatic sprinkler system in the warehouse is in the same shape. The fire control room is the safety hub of the factory. It needs someone to be on duty for 24 hours. Once a fire breaks out, a series of measures such as fire alarm, automatic sprinkling system linkage and emergency broadcast can be effectively linked. However, the fire control room here is only a billet room without a gate, and the power supply and line connection of the automation system have not been fully installed. At present, the local government has to supervise the handling of the enterprise’s risks, and ordered rectification is completed before September 30th this year, all enterprises.

 产值近两亿元的企业里 消防设施严重缺失   产值近两亿元的企业里 消防设施严重缺失   四川遂宁的一家印刷厂这次被列入了全国100家重大火灾隐患单位。央视记者前期来到这家工厂调查时发现,这家年产值近两亿元的大型劳动密集型企业,无论是在防火硬件设施还是在安全生产管理上,都存在不小问题。   在印刷厂近1万平方米的库房里,堆放着大量的纸质原料。整个库房的防火分区在经历了一轮整改后,仍然不符合要求。检查人员说,这么大面积的库房必须安装自动喷淋系统,但这个库房的自动喷淋系统却形同虚设。   消防控制室是工厂的安全枢纽,需要有人24小时值守,一旦发生火灾,初期火灾报警、自动喷淋系统联动、应急广播等一系列措施都能有效联动。然而,这里消防控制室还只是一间连门都没有的毛坯房,自动化系统的供电和线路联通也未全部安装完成。   目前,当地政府已对该企业的隐患挂牌督办,并责令企业今年9月30日前全部整改完毕。相关的主题文章: