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Serie A – 2 ball world wave Rome chaaraoui 3-1 won six straight away www.51zxw.net

Serie A – Sarave 2 ball into the wave of the world Rome’s 3-1 won six straight Sarave sina sports news Beijing time February 28th 1 (27 May 18 Italy local time), the beginning of the twenty-seventh round of the first Serie A contest, Rome away 3 to 1 victory over Empoli, made 6 League wins. Vimy salad opened two degrees, including the 1 wave of the world. De Rossi, Floren Zi, Dzeko injured, manolas flu, sitting on the bench. Empoli after 8 consecutive rounds extremely, since February 2007 the official game for Rome victorious. The playmaker Thabo narayanhiti suspended. In the opening 5 minutes, Sarave was at the top 25 meters in front of the door, hanging in the top right corner, 1 to 0. Twenty-second minutes, Mario – Lu left to the front of the door, the ball was J Yisi J Ni hit Zukanovic hit the face, the door into the door, 1 to 1. He world wave recovered after 5 minutes ahead of Rome, P Janic kick hit the wall, then shot into the bottom right corner, 2 to 1, this is his eleventh goals this season, tying the 2009-10 season Leon time personal record. Nainggolan was injured – Falck for yage. The second half, Sarave Skou Lupski was shot in brave closed out near the corner. The horse’s inside back volley is higher. Seventy-fourth minutes, to counter Sarave ball, Saleh left oblique saved by Skou Lupski, Sarave bushe succeeded, 3 to 1. Moyes, Mario Rui kicking rvdiger, accumulated 2 yellow cards sent off. (Ma Ge)

意甲-沙拉维2球进世界波 罗马客场3-1夺六连胜 沙拉维   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月28日1时(意大利当地时间27日18时),意甲第27轮开始首场较量,罗马客场3比1击败恩波利,取得联赛6连胜。沙拉维梅开二度,包括1个世界波。   德罗西因伤缺阵,哲科、弗洛伦齐、马诺拉斯感染流感,坐在替补席上。恩波利此前连续8轮不胜,2007年2月以来正式比赛对罗马不胜。进攻核心萨波纳拉停赛。 开场5分钟,沙拉维在门前25米处弧线球挂右上角,1比0。第22分钟,马里奥-鲁伊左路大力抽到门前,球被斯琴斯尼一扑击中祖卡诺维奇面部弹进门内,1比1。 沙拉维世界波   罗马5分钟后恢复领先,皮亚尼奇任意球打在人墙上,接着补射入右下角,2比1,这是他本赛季第11球,追平2009-10赛季效力里昂时期的个人纪录。   纳英戈兰因伤被亚戈-法尔克换下。下半时,沙拉维射门被斯科鲁普斯基神勇封出近角。马卡罗内背身凌空勾射高出。第74分钟,沙拉维反击分球,萨拉赫左路斜射被斯科鲁普斯基扑出,沙拉维补射得手,3比1。补时阶段,马里奥-鲁伊脚踢吕迪格,累计2张黄牌被罚下。   (马舸)相关的主题文章: