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Self driving east, go to a not to be missed [eleven] – feast special tourism Sohu clazziquai

Self driving east, go to a not to be missed [eleven] – feast special tourism Sohu National Day golden week, few people Jingmei Dongshan Aojiao activities will be held as scheduled. In time, we are from the car to the peak, a line of 14 people have a great time. Not in a hurry, in the schedule is more abundant. The event is also adhering to the characteristics of our past organizations, everyone can arrive at the designated place on time, for all of the time point of the manual point of praise. Day1 9:00 of Xiamen nine departure time, go over Haicang Bridge, Xiazhang bridge, along the Shen Expressway to the East. On the way to more than two hours, we can experience a variety of weather changes, sometimes cloudy, rain, and sometimes dark clouds, blue skies, like walking through a few seasons. But it does not affect the expectations of the Australian corner of the trip. 12:00 Chen Chen Chengzhen is Chengzhen lunch arrived at twelve noon, entered the town, a thick fishing oncoming air, we also enjoy the Macao angle for the first seafood dinner in town. The restaurant is a local restaurant, the taste is nothing to say, let alone we are divided into two tables, you can enjoy the open belly enjoy. 13:00 seven temple, the temple of the queen of the four sides of the reservoir full of tea to drink enough, our corner of the East Australian corner also began. Along the scenic spots are the seven holy temple, lady Chen Cheng reservoir and four Buddha, on this place, we have a detailed description in the previous introduction post, you can click on the lower left corner, read the text to see. Seven Saint Temple Mrs. Chen Cheng reservoir Erawan 14:00 Australia in the end of the tour, the first corner fisherman home station, we continue to move forward, arrived at the Macao corner of the fishermen, seven Fujian travel reception is located here, aunt arranged by the local local fishermen in our home. Fishermen here are very enthusiastic, to every guest as their own family, not too constrained, and here the fishing accommodation is very clean, the standard accommodation of each house is high, we make a raspberry. Here every small villa has three or four floors, both inside and outside the decoration is very luxurious, and some even spend millions of built. Compared to those star hotel or Fasthotel, live in the corner of the fishermen’s home, a more cordial and warm home. 15:00 Ma topography is just two in the afternoon, the sun was shining, after a short rest, we went straight to the three big horse sea landscape. At the seaside, direct sunlight, sea fishing boats with glittering, Australia corner, a bustling bustling scene. On the big horse sea landscape, sea breeze increasingly fierce, but the sky can’t be more blue, the light was not good, the sky, the United States is not like the. 16:00 Australia and then they returned to Australia port angle, angle of national level fishing fishing, feel close and spectacular charm. It is said that every morning one very handsome相关的主题文章: