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Seems to have overcome the traditional channels of millet this year why was oppo, vivo beat – Sohu T steam_api.dll

Seems to have overcome the traditional channels of millet this year why was OPPO, vivo beat? The traditional technology companies – Sohu is still trying to close to the young consumers, for who is the industry leader in multinational companies, especially. Whether it is brand information, or products and services, consumers are no longer smooth path. Digitization has become the key to adapting to change in 2016. Some companies and Internet service providers alliance, maintain market share even achieved sustained growth, but the sacrifice may be in direct contact with the consumer opportunities, such as McDonald’s; some companies will be transferred to their own line, but often worry about personal gains and losses such as luxury goods; and this process, the traditional advantage enterprises may watch new enter to change the rules of the game, and he constantly on the run. The company is still in traditional confidence may still change: before the digital industry chain and business organizations, they formed for many years the scale of service ability and the market demand make them stable and vitality, although the chance is not much trial and error. This is the curiosity daily launched 2016 year-end digital series of reasons, this series will be in the past 1 months, with 10 articles, focusing on the large companies in the digital process of gain and loss. This is the second. "Do you want to see what kind of price of mobile phone?" Mobile phone sales staff asked me. Before I could answer, she took out a new flagship R9s from OPPO’s display cabinet and showed it to me. Beijing East five this mobile phone shop is hard to name — the name written Tianyi, China Unicom, China Mobile, OPPO large bar door bristling green balloon, and like an ordinary person of high vivo mascot. I’m not going to buy a new mobile phone, but the sales behind him, a girl has to buy a OPPO R9s, is on the counter sign. OPPO sold a $2800 phone. To the end of September this year, it has sold about 70000000 mobile phone. At the present rate, this year will exceed one hundred million. And last year, OPPO also only sold 42 million 200 thousand mobile phones. According to data consulting firm IDC statistics, the current Chinese mobile phone market sales of the top two mobile phone manufacturers OPPO, vivo capital of these companies have a blood relationship of the two. Even in the global market, they are second only to Samsung, apple and HUAWEI. Compared with the situation two years ago but millet scenery is very bleak, shipments in 2016 they fall, in the second quarter of this year IDC report "millet shipments fell 38%" has become the biggest news. Millet is not just a little more than just selling mobile phone company in 2011, Lei Jun just opened the conference said that millet will make mobile phone, not many people really believe it. Despite the huge investment, a new company that has no manufacturing accumulation is in 3 years.相关的主题文章: