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See is released two audio   smart TV hardware force – home appliance — people.com.cn is still a new mobile HiFi audio products CANsolo M people.com.cn September 2 Beijing Xinhua yesterday, CAN is still held in Beijing conference, not only released a new CANsolo M HiFi mobile audio products, also released a set of sound and the living room TV box in a product — CANbar S2 Pro. CANsolo M in terms of performance, the unique bionics cavity, CAN DSP CVS unique algorithms, 3D surround technology, more in line with the characteristics of auditory Chinese, let the sound show more delicate, rich, broad, dynamic and full of feeling, can give users a good experience as the spot; and from the appearance point of view, three the design of CANsolo M logs, oak, walnut, African wood wings. Front panel using SUS304 stainless steel etching process, more than and 800 holes play very smooth, P+R key technology, support NFC, support 6 hours endurance. CANbar S2 Pro, the body is very slim, only 48mm, avoid other products will block the screen, experience pain points, it can be harmonious collocation and tv. The appearance and performance, CANbar S2 Pro is also very good: the use of aircraft grade aluminum diamond engraving, piano paint handling, a metal texture and fashionable; 6 runway 80*40 type full frequency loudspeaker, 2 20 core silk membrane treble, make the products in a whisper or the crowd, can clearly show the shocking sound effect; double decoding and CVS authentication NICAM 3D technology, making products in the Blu ray HD video, can adapt to the current sources all on the market, creating a very natural and realistic surround sound field 3D. The look is still listening to the layout, and not just limited to hardware products. According to the introduction, in terms of content, is the first domestic television announced the end of DTS area, with ultra clear video content with DTS-HD surround sound audio, to provide experience for the user, so that every user is still can enjoy a home theater level audio-visual integration services. According to the contents of the operation is still responsible for the person in charge Sun Jianhui introduction, update the amount of 300, while the content of the reserves of 4K has reached more than 700. It is still president, global brand founder Fu Qiang said, see a lot of years still smart TV for a year through a lot of brands, the rapid accumulation of team size. According to him, there will be two pronged from products and channels, on the one hand, continue to launch new smart TV wide color gamut and high quality; on the other hand, is still will continue to expand the channel during the September season around the five brands online sales platform, completed nearly 100 core city terminal flagship stores, super 500 home country quality store layout, to achieve user goals plan in 2018 10 million. (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: