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See 1 minutes to teach you to read a single mother B Ultrasound – Sohu 66814

Must | 1 minutes to teach you to read a single B mother – Sohu many mothers complain cannot read a single B, the above terms too much, in fact the term B list is all scientific and standardized, and relatively simple. The following is the explanation of some basic single B terms, these terms as long as the mother of the basic understanding, if there is doubt what mothers can spot asked b-doctor or pregnant examination by treating physicians, they will give detailed answers. Biparietal diameter (BPD), also called the fetal head diameter, is the birth of the baby head from left to right, the longest value may be used to estimate fetal baby’s weight and growth state. After 5 months of pregnancy, the value of BPD is basically the same as that of pregnancy. Head circumference (HC), also called fetal head circumference, fetal head is the numerical calculation of the length of the baby for a week, used to confirm the developmental state of the birth of the baby. Femur length (FL): Baby fetal femur length. BPD and used to calculate the weight of the baby, the normal value should be pregnant with the BPD value of the month difference 2~3cm. Length of humerus (HL): the length of the upper arm of the fetus. Abdominal circumference (AC), also called fetal abdominal circumference, is the baby a week for the length and trunk diameter and trunk diameter? Development together that the birth of the baby. Umbilical blood flow ratio (A B): blood flow in the umbilical cord, used to detect the blood circulation and function of the placenta. Amniotic fluid index: with your navel as the center, is divided into 4 areas of the upper and lower, the amniotic fluid of the depth of the 4 regions of the value added. Special tip: if the mother of the results of the B ultrasound and the normal value of the discrepancy also do not have to panic, each fetal baby’s development is not the same, but also different fetal body position will cause numerical errors. Can first consult the obstetrician, do not blindly panic.相关的主题文章: