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Secret four: Sansha Yongxing Island vegetable planting greenhouse vegetables per month million pounds – Vegetable & Fruit Beijing Beijing Sansha on 30 September, (reporter Wang Ziqian) from mainland, Shashi, long-term supplies needed from the island of Hainan by sea transport. Now the city has four years, Sansha municipal government is located in Xisha Yongxing island to eat vegetables, the reporter visits. In September 30th the reporter saw Yongxing Island, grow seedlings of 4 greenhouse vegetables, these vegetables by hydroponics and soilless cultivation methods, can produce million kilograms of cabbage, eggplant and other vegetables and fruits, amaranth. Vegetable greenhouse director Cai Damao introduction, there are 1 Yongxing island and 3 hydroponic greenhouse soilless culture in greenhouse, a total area of nearly 9000 square meters. Cai Damao introduction, hydroponic vegetable greenhouses mainly planted vegetables, cabbage, Shanghai green vegetables, cucumber is planting, planting vegetables here without soil, as long as the seeds into the special plastic foam, and then into the nutrient solution cultivation, 5 days into the water, 17 days you can pick. Outside, the workers put a seed into the special plastic foam, to nurture a batch of vegetables. In soilless culture of greenhouse vegetables, pepper and cucumber are fruiting. Soilless culture of greenhouse using ground coconut husk and sand mixed with fertilizer, improved cultivation can grow vegetables and fruits grown in this pepper, cucumber can pick about 60 days. "Now the vegetable water is desalinated water, fruits and vegetables grow well." Cai Damao said, three special geographical location, high temperature and large temperature difference, 4 vegetable greenhouses have temperature control equipment, when the temperature is too high, reduce the temperature by spray and fan etc.. At present, the production of vegetables in greenhouse vegetables to meet the needs of Yongxing island residents. It is understood that the current production of Yongxing Island cabbage, Shanghai green, chili peppers and other ingredients have been grown out of the fields, into the canteens, supermarkets in. (end)相关的主题文章: