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Secret electricity supplier brush group novice to pay membership fees into the group received a sing-mkdv-02

Secret electricity supplier brush group: the novice to pay membership fees into the group received a single assessment – the new double 11 shopping carnival, at noon on 12, called Y6 members of the group of QQ group in the bustling. Whenever there is a new member to join the label as part of the Taobao QQ group, there will be a moment of 10 members of the group issued a neat welcome: welcome to the new recruits, along with refueling!" QQ group, from time to time, people complain to do single can’t earn money, to appease the administrator said: "today businesses are busy" double 11 ", no invoices, etc. after this a few days." Electricity supplier over the past ten years to expand at full speed, while the brush business as a derivative industry is also a huge scale. Beijing evening news reporter found, in the gradual rise to crack down on business platform and new form of promotion situation, the traditional mode of scalping has increasingly declined, but it is still difficult to completely ban. Join the first pay 66 yuan, a single brush does not need to pay when the brush hand is a kind of experience? "Double 11" on the same day, the Beijing evening news reporter to the identity of the part-time joined a single brush, brush single found organizations to join the lower threshold, scalping operation is easy to use, but within the organization, a clear division of levels of complexity, code follow the fixed format, the researchers paid through the network to perform their duties. As for who is the controller of this organization, what is the meaning of code, and no one to explain. Beijing evening news reporter through WeChat search keywords "Taobao brush" public number, choose one certified as "Zhengzhou Kai × × Agel Ecommerce Ltd; the public number, number of the public to leave a QQ group number, click add. Reporters then click, called mobile part time enrollment group QQ group pop up, click on the application to add a group of reporters, immediately passed. Just enter a group, there are three group name prefix "reception" administrator at almost the same time hit "part-time private chat" words of welcome, followed by one of the reception (hereinafter referred to as the reception A) sent to reporters a private chat, told reporters on the scope of business. The reporter asked to do Taobao brush part-time, the reception A said Taobao scalping is their main business, you only need a simple training platform can enter orders, every single Commission in 5 yuan to 20 yuan. Reporters are interested in, and then inform the reception A, hand brush into the platform is required to pay a 66 yuan fee, after over 300 single will return, no two charges. Reporters to the reception A transfer by QQ red, A received after the reception told reporters: "we usually brush single process and online shopping is the same, but you don’t need your payment, we will pay by others, pay for the payment of money, you do not need to spend their own money to advance." The operation should be "11512" to pay dues after completion of the assessment, will join the A reception reporter called Y6, a member of the 2 group into the group, reporters were asked to think of a nickname ("alone" as an example), modify group nicknamed Y6 only for ordinary, ordinary members within the Y6 group. What is the meaning of the reporter asked the administrator Y6, the administrator replied: "is a code name." Modified group 9相关的主题文章: