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Scared! Vivo exposes the flagship new machine 6GB memory – Digital Sohu-rosstallanma

Shocked! Vivo exposes flagship new machine: 6GB memory – Sohu digital previously, vivo has announced that the conference will be held in Beijing water cube on the evening of March 1st, officially released its new machine Xplay 5. Configuration, the previous rumors show that the opportunity is equipped with 6 inches 2K screen, equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, built-in 6GB memory, to provide a 8 million pixel front camera and a 16 million pixel rear camera, battery capacity 4300mAh. 6GB memory sounds incredible, right? But vivo really did it. Just now, vivo announced through the official micro-blog: its Xplay 5 "using the outstanding Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, and equipped with LPDDR4 6G super large storage."". Considering that last September, Samsung announced the production of 12Gb LPDDR4 memory particles, the four group can reach 6GB capacity, and the package area is the same as the 3GB version. So, vivo should be equipped with Samsung’s 6GB memory. So good thing, Samsung didn’t use it himself…

惊了!vivo自曝旗舰新机:6GB内存-搜狐数码  此前,vivo已经宣布,将于3月1日晚在北京水立方召开发布会,正式发布旗下的新机Xplay 5。   配置方面,此前的传闻显示该机会配备6英寸2K屏,搭载骁龙820处理器,内置6GB内存,提供一颗800万像素前置摄像头和一颗1600万像素后置摄像头,电池容量4300mAh。   6GB内存听起来有些不可想象是吗?但vivo还真做到了。就在刚刚,vivo通过官方微博宣布:旗下的Xplay 5“采用了性能出众的高通骁龙820处理器,并搭载了LPDDR4的6G超大运存”。   考虑到去年9月份三星就宣布量产12Gb LPDDR4内存颗粒,四组就可以达到6GB容量,并且封装面积和3GB版相同。所以,vivo这次搭载的应该是三星提供的6GB内存。   这么好的东西,三星自己居然不用…相关的主题文章: