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Samsung W2017 exposure price dare not think! Galaxy C7 Pro, C5 Pro & Galaxy C – enough fraction of Sohu Samsung series is designed for special machine China market design, from design, hardware configuration to the functional characteristics and market positioning are fully taken into account the needs of domestic users, but also get a good response. Following the first Galaxy C7, Galaxy C5 two models, it has been reported that Samsung is developing a more high-end Galaxy C9, but has not seen further progress. It can be confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro, and in preparation for the Galaxy C5 Pro two new Chinese special machines, also only sold in the domestic market. Two machines were numbered SM-C7010, SM-C5010, C7, is an upgraded version of C5, should be the other internal hardware configuration unchanged, do some improvements, such as better processor, memory, ray and so on. But at the moment, there is no more accurate information. And every year at the end of the year, Samsung will cooperate with the China Telecom launched a product called the "heart of the world · Samsung W20XX clamshell mobile phone, for Chinese high-end market, a lot of people think that iPhone7 at 6, 7 thousand mainstream price is already very high, the Samsung W2017 phone released this year, easily broken million, and the official target the price of more than 20 thousand yuan. The exposure of users before the high-end dual screen clamshell mobile phone, then the network has exposed more about Samsung super business flagship W2017 real machine diagram, its appearance looks like before the W2016 style is very similar, the situation is still the clamshell design, the fuselage touch looks more comfortable, and in the configuration, the Samsung W2017 is hot mainstream flagship. Samsung W2017 will be equipped with dual 4.2 inch screen (touch support), equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, combined with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM memory, equipped with dual 12 million pixel camera, support Samsung Pay, fully compatible with Alipay MST+NFC+. SQ: "Xiao Ming, do you see me this temperament with W series line" the recent article selection:? Business cooperation kejimeixue@163 welcome to leave a message, say your opinion, wonderful on the wall相关的主题文章: