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Sales of 20.98-22.98 million yuan Tai z500ev officially listed – Sohu car mfcclub.net

Thai Z500EV officially listed Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] before the date of the sale of 20.98-22.98 million yuan, we obtained the Zotye electric Z500EV official guide price, the new car launched a total of two models, the price range of 20.98-22.98 million yuan. At present, the car did not enter the new energy vehicles directory, so there is no relevant subsidies, but we learned from the official, the car is currently in the application. Zotye Zotye Z500EV Z500 to build models based on which, the new car in front of the new grille design style, chrome trim shape and the surrounding stars to form a whole, headlight grille styling lines and perfect fusion, on both sides of the front bumper is also equipped with the LED daytime driving lights. Tail, the overall shape of the Z500EV and traditional fuel models are consistent, but the bottom of the rear bumper added chrome trim. The configuration section, high version compared to the low version added automatic headlights, steering auxiliary lamp, anti glare rearview mirror heating, chrome door handles, the copilot seat boss key, heated front seats, ceiling lamp, shark fin, atmosphere lighting, intelligent key, a key to start the GPS navigation system, Bluetooth phone system, speed cruise control system, automatic parking system, USB charging, electric open trunk and a number of configurations. Power systems, Zotye Z500EV equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor, but low power output and high matching type is not consistent, the former maximum output power of 98 horsepower, peak torque of 200 cattle · rice; the maximum output of 125 horsepower, peak torque of 260 cattle · meters. NEDC (European standard) mileage of the former 200 km, the latter is 250 km. (photo: home of the car)相关的主题文章: