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Rong Yang Tucao beauty of lines for the filling of Bai Yu broke new net 86 – kiss in-ddrtys

Rong Yang Tucao "beauty of lines" for the filling of 86 Bai Yu broke the kiss – Beijing Rong Yang Beijing, November 7 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) recently, the network drama "beauty" was held in China University of Political Science and Law for the filling of fans will be met, the main female white Jinxi actor Rong Yang, actor who plays Han Chen Bai Yu "universe straight" played by Zhou Xiaozhuan He Fengtian, the three appeared in the campus and students interaction. The event, Rong Yang, Bai Yu Dabao second quarter kiss too much, causing screaming. "Beauty" for the filling based on Ding Mo’s novel of the same name, the novel has been hailed as the "top Ding ink romantic suspense Trilogy" of. As the original powder, Rong Yang admitted that the white Jinxi image and their contrast, but just give her more space for interpretation. Although the high heels beat play very handsome, but Rong Yang said he was forced, "don’t beat the game, wearing high heels walking very uncomfortable, but because the stylist has an overall planning for each character, as an actor, I can only obey." Site map than play challenge, difficult lines to let Rong Yang collapse, and the back line actually until her strengths, "early my back lines can be said to be too much of the gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, but the lines are long, the professional vocabulary, played out this drama I really do want to pick a speaking part." Let the Bai Yu impressive is the sweet kiss, it is said that he and Rong Yang kissing as many as 86. Bai Yu says kissing is not easy, not only to kiss the good-looking, but also have feelings, but also remember the following actions and words, really very difficult." When it comes to the side of the kiss, Rong Yang also said: "I am shy to dub, some people say that you really have a lot of the second season of star, I was still not dubbing, micro letter to Bai Yu, everyone says we kiss a lot, do you have?" When Rong Yang asked himself, Bai Yu is naughty to lift everyone appetite, "I didn’t count, we still see drama." The Bai Yu saying classic lines "when you get married after graduation, many college students in the widely circulated in. This came to the university campus propaganda drama, a natural escape is love experience torture in college. Bai Yu hope that we can enjoy a simple and pure campus love, "I like to be true to the heart, learn to love yourself, to make yourself better." Rong Yang has always believed in the impermanence of the world, but also support the campus romance, there is no eternal life, including love, the most pure university time, no matter how the future, the first to enjoy the present." And the real He Fengtian simply admitted that the University also has a girlfriend, and big exposure mate standards, as long as the feeling is right, what kind of person I can accept." Photo now, click on Iqiyi in the first quarter has exceeded four hundred million mark, also set off a lot of hot friends. In the face of a variety of voices on the Internet, Rong Yang frankly welcome everyone to comment, we see the film, including our three with the sound, we do our best, this is our sincerity. Of course, if there are different opinions, we also welcome". Bai Yu also said that after a certain literary works of film and television相关的主题文章: