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Ribeka even the Beckhams are off the high heels Learn how to manage it to wear the old www.66bobo.com

Ribeka: even the Beckhams are off the high heels? Learn to master it to wear old long ago, Beckham in her personal brand Victoria Beckham 2017 spring and summer series of shows, once again wear flat shoes debut curtain call, baggy clothes collocation, adorable adorable dwarf dwarf ~ so this is not the first time to wear flat shoes beckham. In recent years, flat bottomed Oxford shoes, white shoes, slippers, all kinds of she has tried. Some people say that she is taking the "dwarf adorable wind", leading a new trend; some people Tucao she did not Hen Tiangao’s blessing, 55 minutes into the body. So anyway, for Beckham empathy flats this matter, many people including I now feel unbelievable. You know, she was once one of the world’s most loved woman wearing high heels, called "high heels spree", even pregnant, holding baby also did not miss the opportunity to wear Hentian high. You and her love of high-heeled shoes, how much I hate on shoes. "I hate that slipper ballerina, I could not walk in these, unless it is a ballet dancer wearing them in the dance. I really do not know where it looks good, I love high-heeled shoes." In 2008, she said a famous saying: "I just can t concentrate in flats (I was wearing shoes couldn’t concentrate on). However, after eight years, that is, this year, she was in the   (The Telegraph) interview, said another contrary to the famous saying:   I can t do heels any more. She said she could no longer wear high heels, at least not at work, and she was on a business trip. For her love getting flat this thing, with respect to the work needs and personal style change possibility, I tend to believe that she is no way to objectively so frequently wear high-heeled shoes. Because as early as in 2011, she was due to a very serious foot hallux valgus was asked to give up high heels, otherwise the feet can not be. Under such a serious medical advice, she still fight unremittingly day. Until recently this year, only to see her high frequency to wear flat shoes. Hallux valgus refers to thumb bone due to excessive tilt, long-term wear high-heeled pointed shoes caused by extrusion. Look at the contrast between her feet and her right foot. We more than Beckham, many female stars are because the perennial high-heeled shoes, pointed shoes, legs and feet are in danger. The most common is like Beckham thumb valgus, Kate also have this situation. So Faye Wong and Lin Chiling’s feet also have obvious hallux valgus. You don’t take your thumb valgus seriously, not ugly so simple, it will make your feet become more and more serious deformity, pain, and even unable to walk, to be solved through surgery to. Observe what stage your feet are now? (I am glad that I was wearing high heels foot for so many years did not come deformation)]相关的主题文章: