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Software With developments in Internet technology, the face of education has .pletely changed in this millennium. New technologies are making way for the newer ones and the education industry is turning more and more dynamic and systematic. The older system of classroom learning is getting replaced by online teaching methodologies and e-learning. Teaching and training modules are undergoing rapid shift from conventional paper books, text books and notes to more accessible multimedia and distance education. In fact, as per recent surveys, e-learning around the globe accounts for about 38 billion Euros, a whopping figure if the education industry is concerned. E-learning solutions are no more restricted to classroom education but have engulfed many other sectors including content, consulting, services, technologies and support. With distance no longer a barrier in this Internet era, e-learning has be.e a the most preferred choice for imparting training in schools, colleges, universities, enterprises, big .panies and even business groups. The focus has shifted towards flexible content creation and e-learning objects through integrated platforms. The education industry is witnessing a rapid growth with technology deciding the course of knowledge and learning methodologies. Advanced learning management systems are fast getting deployed with contemporary teaching methods and subject material. With changing times e-learning designs have also be.e more distributed yet synchronous. Virtual classrooms and virtual learning models are resulting in more flexible and extensible teaching formats. The education structure and service are constantly getting evolved with online study material, tutorial and web based training taking the front seat. With distance education, new concept like self paced study is getting introduced where the role of physical classrooms with teacher or student interaction is diminishing fast. Deployment of learning management systems are further bringing in better management of modern units of learning and training. Technological advancement is making online learning more adaptable for more and more people. Use of PDF format e-books, Adobe learning tools, Flash based modules, multimedia portfolio, mobile learning, study material accessible through PDAs and other electronic devices are creating more awareness and making learning far more interactive and informative. E-learning development has improved the quality of education as people are relying on the web for all their education needs. Online learners are only increasing by the day with online learning methods be.ing more affordable and accessible. The virtual learning environment and e-classrooms are changing the education scenario by breaking all barriers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: