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Reuters survey: the Fed rate hike in December increased probability of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Huitong warrants news network September 17th, according to a Reuters survey, on December the Federal Reserve Shengxi probability in the past month rose sharply, analysts believe that further rise is in even if inflation and weak wage growth. And Friday’s announcement of a stronger inflation is a consolidation of this expectation. Recently, several Fed officials have said that the economy has been almost ready to meet Shengxi, Shengxi to September expected value is greatly improved, but the Fed governor Brainard (Lael  Brainard) earlier this week’s speech cautious attitude, so many people surprised.     however, over the past week, the road through more than 100 analysts in the interview, most people think that the Fed will raise interest rates in the fourth quarter to 0.50-0.75%, the median forecast shows that in December the rate of interest rate rose to 70%. Last month, when the probability of 57.5%, the market showed that the probability is less than 40%. If the Fed really raise interest rates in December, from the last interest rate hike is also a year, highlighting its interest rates even if it is difficult to raise interest rates twice, while the fed in December last year, the initial forecast that this year will raise interest rates four times. A range of concerns has become an obstacle to Shengxi, including China’s economic slowdown, the beginning of the market crash, as well as the United Kingdom, Europe, etc.. Many people have begun to predict that the Fed will not raise interest rates in 2016. But Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, said in August that the reason for the increase in interest rates was stronger, highlighting the possibility of a recent rate hike. "If now and then the economic trend has not significant changes in the property market, consumer spending and the labor market continues to grow steadily, these will be the December hike very well," BMO  Capital  Markets economist Jennifer  Lee said. The investigation showed the median probability of analysts believe the fed in September 20-21 meeting on interest rate is about 25%, only more than market expectations reflected a little higher, but in fact hold this view in the forecast of only 6% of respondents. In contrast, the fourth quarter of the median interest rate hike as high as 76%. Given that the Fed’s November policy review meeting is only a few days ahead of the US presidential election, if there is no action this month, then December is the only real option. The survey found that the Fed will raise interest rates two times in 2017, the interest rate will be raised to 1.00-1.25%. The Federal Reserve and other developed markets, the central bank’s policy is different, especially before the end of the ECB announced plans to expand asset purchases. Replied the 47 separate problems about 1/4 analysts, analysts said last month they increasingly believe the Fed interest rate rise this year, about 60% of the analysts say their views did not change, only seven analysts said not so sure that the Fed will raise interest rates this year. The United States in the second quarter gross domestic product (GDP) annual rate of Cong相关的主题文章: